Topic: Found this funny in comments on a SpaceX story..........
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Found this funny in comments on a SpaceX story..........

emoji_events [8]
Posted: Jan 23, 2021, 9:19 PM

An engineer dies and is sent to ####
He’s hot and miserable, so he decides to take action. The A/C has been busted for a long time, so he fixes it. Things cool down quickly. The moving walkway motor jammed, so he un-jams it. People can get from place to place more easily. The TV was grainy and unclear, so he fixes the connection to the Satellite dish and now they get hundreds of high def channels.

One day, God decides to look down on #### to see how his grand design is working out and notices that everyone is happy and enjoying umbrella drinks. He asks the Devil what’s up?

The Devil says, ?Things are great down here since you sent us an engineer.”

?What?” says God.. ?An engineer? I did not send you one of those. That must have been a mistake. Send him upstairs immediately.”

The Devil responds, ?No way. We want to keep our engineer. We like him.”

God demands, ?If you don't send him to me immediately, I will sue!”

The Devil laughs. ?Where are YOU going to get a lawyer?”

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Re: Found this funny in comments on a SpaceX story..........

Posted: Jan 24, 2021, 11:09 AM

And, another engineer joke.

Bill was a student at Clemson University majoring in civil engineering. Between his junior and senior year he had a job with a company building a road and bridges. Bill spent most of his time at one of the bridges. Nearby was a farm where a young boy lived. Each day the boy and his dog would go down to the bridge site and watch the workers. Whenever the boy left he always called to his dog, "Come on Engineer, let's go home".

Bill wondered why the young boy would name his dog "Engineer". So, one day he asked the young boy, "why did you name your dog, Engineer"? The young boy responded, "because all he does is sit on his rear end and growls".

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