Topic: Coaches' version of the game
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Coaches' version of the game

Posted: Jan 12, 2017, 11:40 AM

Just wanted to mention that the Coaches' version of the game is well worth watching.

It's available on WatchESPN.

It has BC's coach, BYU's coach, NC State's coach, Colorado's coach, Syracuse's coach, and Baylor's coach sitting at a table discussing the plays as they occur and diagramming them immediately afterward.

They could look at a formation and almost always tell where the ball was going.

The couple of times that they were tricked it was cool how excited they were.

They really liked the pass play to Leggett down the middle and diagrammed how it tricked the defense. It looked like the ball was going to the running back out of the backfield on a go route and he pulled the defense downfield with him which left the trailing Leggette open for a large gain.

A few funny comments:

Doeren kept pointing out players who were from NC on Clemson's team. "That player would have looked better in red and white."

BYU was the team that early in the season had a 4th and wel more than 10 at their own 6 and faked a punt. The kicker ran out of the end zone, got about 3 yards, and ran into a defender and fell down.

After that game, everyone asked why that happened and the coach said that they saw something, it was a called play, and it just wasn't executed.

In our game, we had the ball at our 12 or so on 4th down and one of the coaches asked the BYU guy, "Should they fake it here?"

Everyone laughed. Then, the BYU coach said, "If I play any of you guys, I'm going to fake punt every time."

Addazio responds with, "Good. That's what we want."

Also funny how the defensive coaches like Addazio have a different perspective than the offensive coaches like Babers.

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Re: Coaches' version of the game

Posted: Jan 12, 2017, 11:43 AM

Just watched it last night. It is WELL worth watching if you haven't seen it.

The Colorado coach was funny talking about the Bama punter, who is from Colorado. He was pretty jealous that he didn't stay in state.

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Re: Coaches' version of the game

Posted: Jan 12, 2017, 11:56 AM

The BYU coach really, really didn't like our two "pick" plays to score.

Dave Doreen also kept saying "I'm glad #? isn't going to be back next year." Finally one of the other coaches pointed out that we lost 8 players on defense last year and we were back in the National Championship game.

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Re: Coaches' version of the game

Posted: Jan 12, 2017, 12:03 PM

Yes, but when they watch the last play, they originally think its illegal but then they rewind it a couple times and acknowledge the Alabama db made contact first and "tackled" Scott. It was nice to hear that . . .


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