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Posted: Jul 18, 2018 9:29 PM

Everyone is talking about TLaw and KellyB, and rightly so, but there are a lot of interesting battles:
Who grabs the 9-man spot? Higgins, Overton, Thompson, Ross? There will be a solid rotation but who ends up getting the lions share? Does Higgins put on a show all year like we saw during the spring game (flashes at the end of last year)? Or does a more senior player who has shown they can make plays in meaningful games a la Thompson (big 3rd down grab against the coots a couple years ago)

Tre Lamar win back his starting position?

AJ Terrell or Mark Fields across from Mullen Island?

Milan Richard at TE still or does G. Williams or Braden Galloway emerge?

Oh yea, can Feaster earn back the top spot and lean up to a weight to fulfill his #1 APB recruiting rank?

We all know the starting 4+Huggins are a force to be reckoned with... but how about Justin Foster developing into 2nd string guy that can make some noise... does he hold off a 5 Star guy like XT

A LOT of competition out there this year... what are your thoughts on the battles aside from Sunshine and KB2?

Re: Battles

Posted: Jul 18, 2018 9:34 PM

Tre returns to starter once fully healthy, I believe he was limited all summer. From what I hear Milan is a player to watch as they said he's really come alive this year a lot like Leggett did for Clemson as he got older a light bulb clicked on for him. Feaster has already dropped 13 pounds from 228 to 215 and they said he's had the best body transformation on the team so I would expect great things out of him, unfortunately ETN is a freak talent built just the way you want in a RB and that's not a knock on Feaster by any means we just have 2 freaks in the back field between them 2 and a steady hand in Choice. Fields is experiences and Terrell I hear has been a total monster all summer in practice I expect them to split reps as both are capable of taking on each teams #1 receiver but they won't have to as Mullen is a top tier talent and physical wise for his position.

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