Topic: You can't tell me HJ
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You can't tell me HJ

Posted: Jan 1, 2018 11:25 PM

Couldn't do what Fromm did all year. This crap about we need KB because he doesn't make mistakes and it's the same production just in the run game is nonsense.

Anyone with football sense knew this kind of game was coming. The only good thing about this is we won't have to sit through an entire season of throwing 5 yard passes and missing wide open WR for TDs next year.

Time to get HJ some early reps for next year. TL can try and take it from him in Spring.

The time for HJ to get reps is long past

Posted: Jan 1, 2018 11:33 PM

And without better OL play and better blocking in general, I don’t know if it even matters who we put in at QB... the guy is going to be crushed. Especially the OL. They look like crap in the biggest game of the year. No one expects Bryant to be as good as Watson. He’s not and it’s not even close. But this crap tonight is just pathetic. Gotta come with something better than this.

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