Topic: to date, ACC 8 teams with winning records; SEC 6
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to date, ACC 8 teams with winning records; SEC 6

Posted: Nov 20, 2019 4:11 PM


Re: to date, ACC 8 teams with winning records; SEC 6

Posted: Nov 20, 2019 4:33 PM

But if you paired up the ACC with losing records to the SEC with losing records, the SEC would come out on top. Same goes with the winners of the ACC matched up with the winners of SEC, the SEC would win most of those also with the exception of Clemson, and I say this bc the ACC was absolutely terrible this year, and it was bad teams beating other bad teams. We dogged out every ACC team we played but one. IMO, the UNC we played was one of those worst in the ACC that got lucky from our awful mistakes of turning the ball over and over!!!

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Re: to date, ACC 8 teams with winning records; SEC 6

Posted: Nov 20, 2019 6:15 PM

my post fact, your's speculation. That' OK with me. Kind of like science and faith.

Re: to date, ACC 8 teams with winning records; SEC 6

Posted: Nov 21, 2019 2:28 AM

Fact yes, but you don't know how to interpret the facts.

Re: to date, ACC 8 teams with winning records; SEC 6

Posted: Nov 20, 2019 6:24 PM

Look, i understand what you're saying.

I wish all these ACC programs who have a couple good games could be consistent and string together some quality wins to get ranked. But we don't have enough depth in players, coaches and teams, to make that happen consistently.

But a lot of the SEC strength is still based on perception and recruiting classes. Few ACC programs ever have a Top 20 recruiting class--and therefore, the teams never get ranked. Usually 7-8 SEC teams have Top 20 classes, and guess how many SEC teams take turns rotating through the Rankings every year?

But the proof is NOT in the number of 3-4-5* recruits you have, or even the number that you keep and even play (SEC programs are tremendous SQUANDERERS of talent.)

The proof of your conference strength is in your OOC schedule and record during the regular season.
(The postseason can't be a true test because of locked-in matchups, and more SEC players quit on their teams in the postseason. The penalty for losing a regular season game still compels players to take the games seriously, even in the OOC games.)

The SEC is actually weaker on the whole than it was last year, and it's not even close. This year they will go about 43-13 in OOC games. That sounds impressive, and is still superior to the ACC. But last year they went 50-5 (FL had a game cancelled.). 10 teams went unbeaten OOC in 2018, and their only losses to P5 teams were to CFP teams (ND over Vandy, and Clemson over SoKar and A&M.) THAT was truly impressive and was the highest OOC winning % in history.

The ACC had a down year in 2018 OOC, and in 2019 it got even worse. As a conference, we will probably finish the regular season about 40-16 OOC. But the down ACC programs are taking the steps to return to competitiveness. I hope it happens next year, but it might still be 2 years away.

What often gets overlooked in the "Does the ACC suck or is the SEC really good?" question is the fact that programs in the G5 conferences are closing the gap on the ACC especially and the other P5 conferences, too. No, I'm not talking about the MAC--they might as well be FCS schools, I'm not sure what they're doing with their extra 22 scholarships. But the Sun Belt and AAC have some stronger programs this year that played very well in their matchups with P5 teams.

Granted, it's hit or miss--none is quite as strong as UCF was under Scott Frost. But the days when even an SEC school could schedule any G5 school and assume they had an easy win are over.

What's the solution Then?

Posted: Nov 20, 2019 6:37 PM

Easy to take shots at the ACC and say it's terrible. But, if you are Clemson, what do you do? Put yourself through this drama every year?
It does no good i.m.o to sit around just "piling on" the idea of how bad the ACC is. Not when at the end of the day - most business models are based on one thing - making money. In the case of football teams - wins/losses!
Sure you could have a Minnesota schedule and win a bunch against bad teams! Or be an SEC team that gets to play other "bloated evaluated teams" who under-achieve each year! When they have bad years it's b/c the conference is so tough. Yet, nobody has challenged Alabama consistently over the last few years until this year!
It's how many wins do each of your teams have when it fits. Then it's wins over P5 teams!
A few posters on here have posted the ACC schedule versus P5 - but please link those games! Link those games for all to see "the match ups"!
We can all play with numbers! Alabama versus Duke will be a SEC win almost every time. Alabama versus most teams in the country not named Clemson. Would be an OOC loss though < -------key point.

Re: What's the solution Then?

Posted: Nov 20, 2019 6:42 PM

When I see this. Yet, people are posting these ridiculous numbers w/o source, it makes me think they are just: "programmed drones regurgitating what CBS and ESPN has shoved into them"!


Re: What's the solution Then?

Posted: Nov 20, 2019 11:46 PM

I'm not posting regurgitated numbers, so no, I'm not posting a link to someone else's page.

I'm compiling them myself from 30 pages of spreadsheets and Gamecast pages--if you think ESPN has a reason to corrupt the data on their website, that's up to you--but I'm just taking raw data. Maybe I'm off by as much as 5%--i doubt it--but the facts are still as impressive as h*ll.

That's why i have posted here before that the real trick some ADs pull is to stack the OOC schedule in their favor while still making it look respectable; but the bottom line is still winning the games.

Solution? You're not going to like it....

Do nothing.

At the end of the day, the Board, President and AD don't have enough reason to take us away from the ACC, so we keep doing what we already are and help the rest of the conference get up to speed in football.

I'm sure we have already decided that our university fits the ACC profile far better than the SEC, so we stand pat with our affiliation and try to improve the community we are a part of.

However, if it weren't for Clemson, there might already be talk of downgrading the ACC from the P5. Eventually it might happen anyway. I have posted numerous times that the ACC schools do not have the same basis for infrastructure and resources that the other P5 conferences do. But i think it's more likely that we'll go to an 8-team CFP before that happens.

Re: to date, ACC 8 teams with winning records; SEC 6

Posted: Nov 21, 2019 5:07 AM

The ACC sucks in comparison at the moment and its not even debatable. There is only 1 quality team in the ACC at the moment.

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Re: to date, ACC 8 teams with winning records; SEC 6

Posted: Nov 21, 2019 8:07 AM

SEC has a monopoly on announcers and media...they are a great conference but don't win them all...right now LSU is great...Alabama is great...Pooch is sometimes (except Kirby is not really smart) the Gators can barely beat Miami (fact) and the sometimes Aggies! Everyone else is red headed stepchildren...their bottom is really bottom...I'll take Tech and Syracuse over Arkansas & Vandy any day! Media has made the SEC great...just like they made Hillary Great & O'Mama! For the most part the SEC is large schools with large fan bases to capture media points...it's all about the market!

Replies: 9  


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