Topic: serious question about clowney not playing
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serious question about clowney not playing

Posted: Feb 12, 2013 7:02 PM

I know in the short term clowney sitting out would tickle a lot of yall just because of the suffering it would bring carolina fans. Long term, though, would any of you hate for it to happen. That would start a trend that could seriously alter college football. Why stop with a guy projected to go #1? Why not the #2guy and then why not any projected first rounder? When does the money get low enough to justify staying? What people are saying makes a lot of sense but would college football go the way of basketball? How soon do you guys think someone pulls the trigger and makes this decision?

Re: serious question about clowney not playing

Posted: Feb 12, 2013 7:05 PM

I see where you are going, and how much longer after that until the NFL opens a training camp for underclassmen once that precedent is set?

The down side is that he has to keep in shape during his time off.

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Re: serious question about clowney not playing

Posted: Feb 12, 2013 7:11 PM

I think if it ever starts happening you will see them hire agents and the agents will basically be their employer for a year. They will get paid to show up everyday at some outstanding facility and train everyday. May end up in better shape than they would have in college.

Re I would like to see that happen. The dumb ones who

Posted: Feb 12, 2013 7:18 PM

have no interest in school should not be there anyway. They are only taking up space and depriving some kid who really has an interest of getting in school.

As a fan of the game, I am not a fan of the diea.

Posted: Feb 12, 2013 7:11 PM

However, I do not blame players for wanting to take the money by going early, or doing what they need to do in order to get paid.

Clowney is clearly exceptional, and some players may try it. However, a lot of top picks play their way into that area. QBs cannot afford to miss a year of growth. I think a lot of people would point to Marvin Austin. He was suspended for the who year and fell to the second round. He was then injured and missed his entire rookie season. After two years away from football, he played minimally before getting injured again. That has to ruin his ability to grow as a player.

Re: As a fan of the game, I am not a fan of the diea.

Posted: Feb 12, 2013 7:18 PM

Agree and hope most people see it that way. However, while clowneyis the exception now you are going to see more and more kids who are physically ready at an earlier age. I hate the thought of it. College football means too much to me to see it lose its best players early. They need to be thinking of ways to head this off. With the current setup it will eventually happen.

But who's going to "enforce" it, ya know?

Posted: Feb 13, 2013 11:05 AM

Say Clowney sits. He probably drops out of USC, so the NCAA no longer has any power over him... Would the NFL? What's the difference in having a 27 year old ATH just "try out" for a pro team. They're not going to turn him away if he's talented. Doesn't seem that theres anything "illegal" about that route to the pros... unfortunately.

I agree with you and hope this trend does not turn out to be a successful or popular one, for CFB's sake.

I believe it is the NFL's rule

Posted: Feb 13, 2013 12:31 PM

that you have to be 3 years removed from high school to enter the draft. Nothing really to do with the NCAA to start with. It doesn't say you have to play college ball, just out of highschool for 3 years.

i have not seen the wording, so i wonder if it says from "graduation" or just out of high school. That would be infinitely worse if all of a sudden you had kids being evaluated as sophomores and juniors in HS were dropping out to start the 3 year clock, signing with agents and training for the combine.

Re: I would urge any kid to take that kind of money. Very

Posted: Feb 12, 2013 7:15 PM

few are getting anything out of college. I can't blame Spurrier urging him to stay. What does he really care? He, already, has his and Clowney's welfare is not a priority.

Clowney is an unusual case, not many sure things like him

Posted: Feb 12, 2013 7:19 PM

That being said, any athlete who would sit out just to protect their draft status would hurt themselves as far as character. Me personally wouldn't want a guy on my team like that. With that being said, I'm sure many NFL teams wouldn't hesitate to take said player.

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i could care less what he does

Posted: Feb 12, 2013 7:25 PM

All he's gonna do is get into somekind of trouble after he gets his NFL money....write it down mark the tape it will happen....

Re: i could care less what he does

Posted: Feb 13, 2013 1:28 PM

"All he's gonna do is get into somekind of trouble after he gets his NFL money....write it down mark the tape it will happen..."

LMAO do you really know what the heck you're talking about or do you view Tigernet as the New York Times?

Clowney hasn't sniffed a bit of trouble in high school nor at the college level. The only trouble he's going to have is playing for a crappy Jacksonville Jags team.

Yep, hasn't sniffed trouble

Posted: Feb 13, 2013 1:36 PM

that's why he got jacked up at 5 Points and put in cuffs by the cops at 2AM! Oh yeah reports were he had been drinking underage. Not the most criminal offense I know but take your coot glasses off for a minute.

I bet he had trouble with the ABC's part of the test he was given.

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Re: serious question about clowney not playing

Posted: Feb 12, 2013 7:33 PM

The only reason he would sit out is to be the first player to do so and get more headlines..."Idle hands are devil's handiwork" - and this notion could seriously come back to haunt him.

That's the whole point in going to usuc

Posted: Feb 12, 2013 7:40 PM

Start immediately due to average talent on team. Ride coat tales of other SEC power teams for media coverage. Easy classes or No classes. Leave ASAP for lucrative NFL career. Makes total sense for men of low character.

Re: That's the whole point in going to usuc

Posted: Feb 12, 2013 9:06 PM

Would make more sense if he had actually started as a freshman.

I'd love it, we'd have student athletes again, bye bye sec***

Posted: Feb 12, 2013 8:14 PM

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Re: serious question about clowney not playing

Posted: Feb 12, 2013 9:08 PM

Make fun of him all you want - Clowney is a stud - I would love to have him on our team....

Re: serious question about clowney not playing

Posted: Feb 12, 2013 9:11 PM

do you know or have you given any though on how easy it would be for him to get hurt, never want to see any player get hurt no matter the team they play for, but with all the hype around and about him, someone will try and hurt him

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I think it would be terrible for college football.***

Posted: Feb 12, 2013 10:30 PM

"We establish no religion in this country, we mandate no belief. Nor will we ever. Church and state are, and must remain, separate." ~Ronald Reagan

There are a myriad of questions regarding free

Posted: Feb 13, 2013 7:35 AM

enterprise and the rights of citizens to participate in pro sports without a requirement for collegiate play. However, I believe the matter could be settled with a refinement of the NFL policy that now requires an athlete only to be three years removed from high school.

That policy would be in some way deferential toward the colleges in that it should require all NFL draftees to have completed their junior collegiate year of play. Of course, that would beg the question: what about high school athletes who are unable to gain admission to college? My response: then why should they be playing high school football, if they don't have the mental capacity to maintain grades, then gain admission in some type of post-secondary institution?

Unfortunately, money drives virtually all sports, and, thus, I don't forsee the NCAA having the guts nor, perhaps, the wherewithal to challenge the NFL. Thus, I view the matter as one of fairness to the colleges, which spend mega-bucks, time and resources to recruit, then develop these players. And for what? One good year of play!

Frankly, I've long been opposed to the NFL draft of juniors...a pathetic development in collegiate football. And I certainly oppose the idea of any player "sitting out" his junior year. Maybe, ole Clowney could lay this type of discussion to rest with a simple statement: "I'm going to play my junior year, because I owe it to USC and Coach Spurrier."

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I never understood why the Players Unions in all sports

Posted: Feb 13, 2013 11:05 AM

didn't protect their members more. In every sport, every young guy that gets drafted early puts an older(dues paying) member out of work.

obviously I think the only reason he does it is because of

Posted: Feb 13, 2013 8:15 AM

watching Lattimore get hurt and it's impact on him now two times...injuries are part of the game and if you're trying to avoid them by sitting out a year you might be sending a msg to the NFL about your toughness.

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also...there are very few talents who could sit out a year

Posted: Feb 13, 2013 8:16 AM

with no football exposure and still get drafted this high...Clowney is a freak of nature with his ability...he can do it but 99% of the kids couldn't.

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All I know is he will lose his last game in college...

Posted: Feb 13, 2013 8:17 AM

Save the post!

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Are you talking about a bowl game? ***

Posted: Feb 13, 2013 10:59 AM


He will play. The truth is that its a matter of grades.***

Posted: Feb 13, 2013 9:01 AM

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I think you should take your question to the coot board

Posted: Feb 13, 2013 12:20 PM

keep comments and questions about them off this board. They don't deserve the dignity of discussion here.

Amen, Doo-Doo's goings on aren't relevant here***

Posted: Feb 13, 2013 12:22 PM

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That argument would work a lot better if a boat load of

Posted: Feb 13, 2013 1:32 PM

Tigers hadn't already entered into the discussion.


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