Topic: Nobody cares - but my grades on game - too long - don’t read
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Replies: 6  

Nobody cares - but my grades on game - too long - don’t read

Posted: Sep 9, 2018 9:12 AM

We won. That is what was important. Grade -A

Punting - what the heck was that last punt? Why can we not recruit a punter that can turn the field? Grade - D

Kicking - super job - for the first time in a few years - my stomach does not tighten when kicker is on the field. Grade - A. (This includes kickoffs)

O line- while we have not had a strong line for the past several years - it has been good enough. It was unsettling to see the line get pushed back and run over/ around like it did. Several bad snaps cost us. Goal line and snap when Lawrence was not ready. Sacks given up. I was expecting that the line would take a step forward this year. Did not see it. This is causing our running game to be poor. Grade - D

Tight ends - not sure what to label them. Are they a threat to the other team? Are they great blockers? I have no clue about their identity. I don’t recall them doing much of anything during the game. If they are not going to be a pass catching threat - then make them offensive linemen and help with running game. Grade - C-.

Receivers - mixed bag. Great individual effort. But, no separation or wide open receivers. Why can we not throw over the middle? Scheme? Play calling? Receivers caught the ball well, so, to me, not on them. Grade -A-

Quarterbacks - what is up with Bryant’s footwork and throws on the first two series? Throws way off, in the dirt, back foot throws. Is he just too hyped up for the game? I expect more of a seasoned senior. A few really great throws as well. Bryant ran ok, I hate most of the quarterback runs. I would like him to run when the defense breaks down.
Lawrence - jump ball pass worked out - a couple of really nice outs. Did look a bit rattled at times. How much of the quarterback issues are o- line issues? Receiver separation issues? Time will tell. Grade B

D line. I am not sure how to judge this group. To give up that many yards. Times when no pressure was put on QB. Several times when we got suckered by screen passes - surely someone was out of position. We made Mond into the next Tom Brady. Stopped the run, but not enough containment on the QB - he got outside and ate us up. Hard to give a grade - grade - B

Linebackers - watching the game - maybe I was too focused on the d line or the d backs - but I really don’t recall the linebackers making plays. The screen passes I would think are some of their responsibility. Some of the open receivers were supposed to be covered by linebackers. Grade - C.

Dbacks - seeing the stats - grade can’t be good. But that being said - I did see some good coverage at times. Several times the pass was just past their fingertips .Too many missed coverages. Grade - C-.

Offensive scheme. We came into the year - planning balance. A strong running game and a better downfield passing game. It is not working. No Tight end in the offense. Running backs hardly used in first half. Running backs not pass targets. Bubble screens are tired and not really the right call when defense is in place for them. I saw nothing new for the game. No wrinkle. No precision. It felt like a bunch of plays but no rhythm. It felt a lot like the CJ Spiller years. Talented players, but where was the plan? Grade C-

Talent. We were certainly a more talented team. The good is that if some of the above is fixed, then we could possibly go back to the playoffs. But talent without identity and scheme will not be enough.

Mistakes. IMO - we score the TD right before half on 4th down and then get the ball back to start the 2nd half - we might have put the game out of reach. Bad exchange. Cannot happen. Center snapping the ball before QB was ready. Called a timeout on third and one and the best call was a Lawrence run? The 20 yard punt at the end of the game?

Breaks. Certainly the fumble thru the end zone. Close, could have gone either way. Several passes were close to being picked off. A lot of holding on aggies could have been called. Missed short field goal.

A win is what was needed. A win was achieved.

If Clemson is to challenge Alabama - there is a lot of work to do.

I told you not to read - was too long.

Re: Nobody cares - but my grades on game - too long - don’t read

Posted: Sep 9, 2018 9:19 AM

I guess you graded BOTH QB's = B, not sure.

Breaks - This absolute biggest break was Mond getting cramps and leaves for one play, and his sub tries to pass on the one play he was going to be in the game for, and fumbled. If Mond was in the game for that one play, TAM probably wins the game. One play.

Analysis looked spot on to me, but I'm no expert for sure. Thanks.

Re: Nobody cares - but my grades on game - too long - don’t read

Posted: Sep 9, 2018 10:27 AM

Good point on the play when Mond was out. That one is on the coaching staff, should have called a safer play. IMO

Re: Nobody cares - but my grades on game - too long - don’t read

Posted: Sep 9, 2018 9:30 AM

Agree with most of your analysis.

The playcalling in the 2nd half was numbing! KB did well to hold it together, but we definitely need a lot of improvement if we have to beat GA or ALA!

Definitely have up a lot of space in the middle that their Tightends kept exploiting! Dont see how the Linebackers did not cover that!

DL was at it's best- Aggressive and getting into the backfield regularly.

OL was suspect. Did not help the running game

Re: Nobody cares - but my grades on game - too long - don’t read

Posted: Sep 9, 2018 9:41 AM

Great analysis! Thanks for taking the time to type that up! Also, I can’t speak for others, but I love long and analytical posts.

I agree with most of your grades. I also thought our DL didn’t have its best game, while not playing terrible either. Lack of pressure at certain points, losing contain, and lack of awareness of screens and RB flares were evident. Although, I think some of that has to do with playing against a mobile QB (you can’t pin your ears back too much for fear of the QB run). Also, the quick passing/screen game can nullify the advantage of an aggressive DL.

I also agree with the LBs. They seemed slow, out of plays, or, frankly, no where to be seen. It was either a negative play caused or initiated by the DL or it was a tackle/play made by our DBs. Very weird game by our LBs

I think the biggest take away from this game is that many of the mistakes made can be addressed. QB play, DB play, LB play, mistakes, etc can be corrected over the season (remember, this is the 2nd game of the season). But, the most concerning thing is the consistently poor play calling on the offense. We could have put the game away multiple times and crushed A&M’s will to fight, but we didn’t go for the throat. We just turtled up. Now, THAT needs to change....

Play calling - C ?

Posted: Sep 9, 2018 9:46 AM

This is a Whole Team concept, and unity is essential...because of using both QB’s, the Offensive gameplan was divided, Dabo & staff found out what we ALL wanted to know.

Kelly Bryant IS OUR LEADER at QB, TL is gaining great experience but KB is our consistent winner!

Re: Play calling - C ?

Posted: Sep 9, 2018 10:30 AM

Disagree. I think what we learned is that the coaches are not ready to let go of their safety blanket. When KB is in, he is the offense. He is the first option on nearly every play and our offense is far more predictable and far less explosive because of it. We have better and more dangerous runners and mismatches at receiver all over the field. Instead of exploiting those advantages, we run KB for the majority of the crunch time plays, because he doesn't fumble and usually gets positive yards. It may be safer as he is good at protecting the ball, but it is predictable and limiting our offense.

Regardless of who the quarterback is, we need more diversity and need to better exploit our advantages. Our self-scouting needs to improve!

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