Topic: Cooper vs. Johnson.
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Cooper vs. Johnson.

Posted: Oct 15, 2017 3:46 PM

What many of you may not understand... does HJ look better than ZC, yes. However, ZC has been in longer and knows more of the playbook. Lets understand what that means.

A play is called, the QB has to look at the defense lineup and decide if that play will work or if there needs to be a check. There are multiple checks that are made. If the D is in zone or man, is there a blitz? is it a corner or safety? or linebacker? a zone blitz or man. What is the primary read if they are showing 2 deep, or 3, or a strong or weak shift? The QB has to recognize all of this for every single play in the playbook.

This is what HJ has to understand. It is the same thing with Watson 3 years ago. Does he look better, yes... but the coaches can only call a couple of plays when he is in. Watson was a far superior QB than Stoudt... but he knew little at the beginning. The little that he did know, the coaches let him in and run it and everyone could see he could play better... but that was all of his arsenal. If you keep playing the same plays, the defense makes the easiest adjustments and completely shuts you down.

That is why all those different checks in a single play is so important. Then you have to understand that for multiple plays. Did HJ look better than ZC against wake... yeah, a little. Not like the difference between Stoudt and Watson, but I would say a little better. But did Stoudt give us a better chance of winning... yeah, probably. Because what Deshaun came in and ran was great, but that could have been the limits of his knowledge at the time... same with HJ and ZC.

Now, my frustration with the coaching staff, and I said this I think Monday of last week, decide HJ or ZC is second string and give them the reps and rest KB. That would have made a world of difference for ZC ro HJ, whichever one was chosen. It was also frustrating that KB was left in when he was hurting and couldnt protect himself... even if it meant conceding the game.

I'm not sure you understand....

Posted: Oct 15, 2017 4:00 PM

EA quit making NCAA College Football for XBOX before they were able to work that into game interface

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Re: I'm not sure you understand....

Posted: Oct 15, 2017 4:53 PM

> EA quit making NCAA College Football for XBOX before
> they were able to work that into game interface

Perfect reply!! The NY in his name means he is one savvy dude!!

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He is a savvy dude.

Posted: Oct 15, 2017 5:02 PM

Do you hate pizza or something?

So much involved, you touch on a really important aspect...

Posted: Oct 15, 2017 5:17 PM

there are so many others.

This team is loaded with leaders on the defensive side of the ball, not so much on the O side and it showed Friday night.

Too long a conversation to do it justice here and now, but even DW4 needed a calming hand from time to time - Jay Guillermo was there to provide it.


There is little question this team is loaded with talent, but 11 talented players need one, two or more to step forward and provide the calm when things are at their worst. KB2 stepped up through spring, summer and into fall camp, but who knows which others have done so? TigerNet and other sites/media questioned that going into the year, but a 6-0 start quieted a lot of those whispers. KB2 gets hurt, then is hobbled and those fears become reality.

Dabo and the staff didn't ever wonder about replacing all the offense that was lost, they openly wondered about where or whom the leaders would be. This team will continue to mature and learn, replace inexperience with experience as each week passes and leaders continue to step forward on the offensive side of the ball - hopefully sooner than later.

I love this team and program Dabo, staff & players have built.

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from what I've seen,HJ has done better managing team than ZC***

Posted: Oct 15, 2017 5:23 PM

Nothing wrong with that, I'm happy to see what the staff...

Posted: Oct 15, 2017 6:35 PM

returns based on the total process.

Really, there seems no way Dabo and coaches are willing to risk the soul of this team on anything else, as they've spent far too long nurturing it.

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Re: Cooper vs. Johnson.

Posted: Oct 15, 2017 6:54 PM

While I understand the logic in principle it has one failing. They only let ZC throw 3-5 yd passes. It did not matter if down or distance was 7 yards, 10 yards or 14 yards as we all saw. On paper his completion ratio is great but 5 yard completions when you need 14 yards do not get you style points. If it did we would have won on his completion ratio alone.

I do not think ZC showed any more knowledge of the playbook or the ability to make proper checks. He watched his designated receiver only one time until he was sacked from the blind side and never looked to his right to see the guy coming.

The 3-5 yard phenomenon has been a staple of the Elliot/Scott brain trust all year. Opposing defenses are loading the box, letting us complete the passes and then tackle us easily due to sheer numbers.

If ZC , HJ or KB is our guy, they have to let him throw the ball down the field 10, 20 yds if nothing else to keep the defenders from loading the box against us. That is why we can't have an effective running game also. If not for ET's speed we would never gain any yards against the quality teams we have to play the rest of the season.

I will not address the lack of a field goal kicker. Is it time for a campus try out call? Is there a soccer kicker bored with what he is doing? This will not be the only loss because of the lack of a decent field goal kicker.

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Re: Cooper vs. Johnson.

Posted: Oct 15, 2017 8:19 PM

We are missing something here. We put Zerrick in and ended up losing to perhaps the worst team in the conference. There may be a number of reasons for that that don't necessarily reflect on Zerrick, but the fact is he was put in and did not make the difference against a team that Clemson' talent significantly exceeded. The suggestion that we might try something else is neither treasonous nor an attack on the staff. It is a recognition that when we have tried something, and it does not work, it is reasonable to try something else. There were plenty enough opportunities to win as poorly as Clemson played, including missed chip shot field goals and inexplicably overthrown passes that were winning touchdowns. KB sometimes overthrows too, but he can scramble for yardage that Zerrick seems incapable of. Not running the kid down. I played enough football to know how good you have to be to be average at the college level. I just don't want to make the same mistakes we made in 14 when we still have a shot at the playoffs.

Re: Cooper vs. Johnson.

Posted: Oct 15, 2017 8:02 PM

Cooper had some potato throws Friday night, but I think he would have found his sea legs and been fine if he had been given the start from the get go. Throwing him in once we were already in trouble was not a fair evaluation of his ability. He was obviously not prepared for noise level of that glorified racquetball court though. The offense has to be prepared to be visual cues only.

I think the coaches must have thought/hoped our OL could hold Syracuse and allow KB to do his best Tom Brady impression, but they failed to hold a consistent pocket.

I agree with almost all you said, except

Posted: Oct 15, 2017 8:06 PM

HJ didn't look a little better than ZC against Wake. He looked A LOT better. Just say'n.

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Re:Cooper is the guy

Posted: Oct 15, 2017 9:39 PM

Bottom line Cooper will get it done. He looks the part at practice and that's what the coaches must go by for a #2. If ZC was given the same play calls and routes that HJ was given you would have seen the same outcome in the Wake game. Looking back ZC should have started against Cuse and that would have allowed him flow of the game vs coming in 2nd half but that's armchair QB talk. Everybody needs to relax and watch what the kid can do.

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