Topic: I don't care what anyone thinks
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I don't care what anyone thinks

Posted: Mar 9, 2014 12:36 AM

Coach Brownell has done a #### of a job and deserves to at least be an honorable mention for ACC coach of the year. A team picked to finish last in the ACC has had an amazing season. He took this team with out much experience and had just lost their senior leadership and turned them into a unit. Brownell and company have developed the talent and potential of KJ. He has been able to begin to recruit some solid talent. We are a more talented team than when OP was here. He has proven he can develop talent and proven he can become to get competitive in recruiting for some the big boys. Look how far Nnoko has come. At the beginning of the season I was thinking he was going to be flat out awful. He has not only become trustworthy but has to be most improved player. KJ has been a stud.I know he could be a first round pick this year, but I think one more year of college will be more beneficial; of course I do not know his financial situation. I know i rambled on, so anyway.................

I'm very happy with the basketball program and the direction it is heading in. I think that Brownell has done an amazing coaching job this season and deserves our appreciation!

Didn't mean "djambo" as most improved, meant Nnoko
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Re: I don't care what anyone thinks

Posted: Mar 9, 2014 12:46 AM

If we are more talented than when OP was here, why are we not easily in the tournament? That does not compute with me logically.

Re: I don't care what anyone thinks

Posted: Mar 9, 2014 1:06 AM

This is year was the first year of CBB players, we rose above all expectations and were competitive all year long. 19-11 overall and 10-8 in the conference. It took until late December for this team to really gel (lacked the player leadership in my opinion) once they did they played some really good ball. KJ learned how to not only be the vocal leader but how to inspire. No doubt there was a learning curve early this season as well as we are still seeing some of it. If KJ stays and this team stays healthy and progresses as half as much as last off season then you will see up competing for the ACC next year, now if KJ goes pro then all bets off. KJ would not be half the player he is under OP's system, he would have been a better Bryan Narcisse. CBB is responsible for the growth and maturity that KJ displays consistently. CBB got some big men that I never thought would pan out (Nnoko) but has developed them and continues to do so. He has got some perimeter shooters, which we have lacked since before OP left. Not only have we improved at free throws, but we have been leading the ACC for some of the year if not most in free throw percentage. We actually run an offense now, much better than OP's. I did love OP's pressure trap defense but also believe in can tire your own players out. CBB runs a stingy defense and put D first. I think he is a smarter OP. May not make the tournament this year but realize our basketball program is excelling and is on the rise. You are whining about the tournament, knowing we lost a huge senior class last year and we were picked to finish last in the ACC, it's coaching that we are even in a spot to be selected. Talent is there it's just young, inexperienced, and not ready yet. It will be though. This year, playing many young players meaningful minutes, was a huge boost! Good times coming. I just hope the students will start (next season) turning out in full force once again to make Little John one of the most feared places to play. I would even venture to say that if the students would have done that this year, we might have won a few more home games and be a lock for the Tourny! Just sayin......

Re: I don't care what anyone thinks

Posted: Mar 9, 2014 1:29 AM

Not whining, simply trying to see the logic of how a more talented team with a better coach did not make the tournament. I interpreted talent as player in their current state vs. what you meant as potential talent

The coaches are two different styles. I can see that Brownell is a heck of a defensive coach. That is easy. I still cannot give the offense is better with him. We do have more of a system, but it just doesn't score points when needed at times. My bigger question about the talent really pertains to the offensive side. We are 303rd in the country in FG %. That is just bad, which corresponds with our woes and ability to not score for 5 minutes (though the droughts decreased during the season). I would say the exact opposite about perimeter play. We have one regular averaging over 35 % from 3 (KJ is down to 29%). On the contrary, we had 3 regulars in OP's final season and 6 in the 08-09 season, which led to success in a 4 around 1 system.

There is some truth with player development, but Stitt became a shooter under OP. Booker added a new facet to his game each year. To contrast, no one can say one way or another whether Tanner Smith improved more with OP or Brownell. The future will be interesting with Brownell. We have to keep KJ for next year. I am curious who we run off / encourage to leave/ whatever we call it. I have a list of 3 candidates in my head.

Re: I don't care what anyone thinks

Posted: Mar 9, 2014 1:42 AM

you make very valid points and these are the type of discussions that I enjoy partaking in on this forum, hence why I don't post much anymore lol.

I should have stated "potential" talent I understand how that was confusing. My bad. I do understand the offensive woes and they have plagued us for along time. We have for awhile now depended on one or two players to put the ball up at the last second of the shot clock. I've seen improvement as the year progress, Nnoko being able to hit the twelve foot jumper helped a ton. I disagree about the perimeter. OP had some good ones but I think there is the potential for more talented perimeter shooters in the freshman and sophomore class than OP ever had at once. I think OP, and Stitt benefited from a solid, at times dominant, inside game. Booker bros. and Jennings. It was easier to stretch the floor and get some open shots. I think that we are lacking an inside game and that is glaring, even though we have made progress. KJ's athleticism and hustle has won a bunch of games. We have been dependent on him just like we were with Stitt, etc. I see fruition of some solid recruiting classes in the years to come. I hope KJ stays and like I said he will be better prepared with one more year. OP left us in the middle of the night on a rebuilding year. Brownell hasnt steered too much away from OP's philosophy. I think that CBB wants to run a different offense with more structure, but he has to coach to his players strengths. I'm excited about our future. Go Tigers!

Re: I don't care what anyone thinks

Posted: Mar 9, 2014 1:57 AM

The system will be better with more developed talent in it. We are 4-5% lower in FG percentage than OP's last years and that translates to the win column. I think the forced late shots does play into a lower percentage.

You can see some good coaching though on offense at times. Outside of Wake, we were able to get teams out of a 2-3 zone without shooting them out of it. Personally, I was hoping we would try to beat the zone down the court since I prefer fast pace, but we went with good ball movement at the FT line. The one thing I still don't understand is how we scored so efficiently against NC State's box and 1 on KJ. It goes against all logic. There is definitely potential there, but it needs to come together. Out program can fight for and be in the NCAA Tourney consistently with a good coach, that is proven.

Nnoko is coming along. He needs someone else down there with him. I think since we decided to go small with Blossomgame, that does lead to Smith (my top guess) to not be with us next season - if Harrison never takes that mission. One part of the offense I have yet to see is an inside out game. We had some last year with D Book, but if Nnoko is no longer as raw, that will help immensely with ball movement and open shots.

Re: I don't care what anyone thinks

Posted: Mar 9, 2014 3:27 AM

OP's last year we lost by far his best talent. That was his bast class, as seniors that is. I liked OP, the high pressure D and we will beat you with conditioning attitude was awesome. It worked, gave us an image, identity so to speak. I partially think that is what rallied the student body so well. I thought OP was a tremendous coach. I thought he lacked offensive scheme, but there might not be a better defensive coach in the country then OP! I think that CBB is a better developer than OP, (hence me beating that dead horse). I think the coaching ability is there on offense, but I think a lot of it has to do with, "who do we trust to shoot?". Harrison, Filer, and even Roper have shown some pretty solid raw talent with a fluid shot motion. They seem to have high confidence as well. Roper has knack of getting to the rim, next season i see him being able to creat himself some good looks (shot clock) Harrison is streaky but when he gets it going it can be deadly. I expect to see him become more consistent next year. Filer has got the ability and he seems to have strong leadership qualities on the court at least. Nnoko has come along way. Something has clicked with him over the past two months. Good defender, shot blocker, rebounder, gained the 12 foot jumper throughout the season. Needs work on passing game. Problem is he is not a presence down low at all. Draws no attention to hel open up shooters. Improved but still unreliable on offense. I'm not sure where the post presence is going to come from. I do think that CBB is the right man for the job and we like to see him there at least another 3 years. My gut tells me he is just excellent at development. Maybe i'm wrong, but I personaly hope we build a statue of him outside the stadium and have him in the ring of honor after he has won multiple titles, (like every coach we have) I believe that he will take us further than OP did.

Re: I don't care what anyone thinks

Posted: Mar 9, 2014 3:34 AM

I prefer fast paced and the extra pass also. I think we do it well at times. I still give us a pass for inexperience, shouldn't but do. Fast paced doesn't suit a crackdown D though. CBB tries to balance it out. CBB said that at the end of regulation [tonight] that he saw in the players eyes that he had lost them. Said he hit the erase board trying to get them back. Said he couldn't ever get them back. The players lost all confidence in themselves. The coach could not get them back, that tells me that its up to a player to take charge.

Why do you think the free throw % shift has happened? What do you think CBB did that his predecessors couldn't?

Re: I don't care what anyone thinks

Posted: Mar 9, 2014 11:11 AM

We were spoiled with Trevor. He is one of the best big man passers I have seen. It made it so easy to run an offense inside out with his ability to move the ball. If Nnoko could be half as good, that would open up the offense.

The inexperience, I get it, but last year especially was all - we are so young which we knew would happen. However, we passed on the CBI in Brownell's second year. Those extra games and practice would have helped us. It bothers me that we passed on chances to gain experience and then use "we're young" as a crutch.

FT % is something I don't get. Our shooting percentage from 3 and the field are lower all around from OP's guys, but FT is up. That doesn't really jive. A lot of FT shooting is mental, but Philpott has mentioned on his show that OP would do everything to get them to knock them down in practice and they would. However, the game would come around and we would miss. It has to be a mental focus or new approach to shooting them. Whatever, it is, is working for the most part.

I would disagree with your point about Stitt

Posted: Mar 9, 2014 3:08 AM

He certainly didn't become a shooter IMO under Purnell. OP's offense predicated on playing up tempo, forcing pressure, and getting in transition. He liked to run and liked have fast, athletic guys. His half court offenses were atrocious and when we faced teams with older, experienced guards who we couldn't force TO's or get them to miss so we could get out and run, we struggled. Don't get me wrong, I liked OP as a coach and I thought he did a great job while here, just pointing out the weakness.

Stitt excelled under this and was a great scorer under OP by his senior year, but not a great shooter. In fact he regressed by his senior season with his FG % and 3pt%.

Personally I think Brownell wants an offense with veteran guards, including a good shooter or two, and some bigs that like to bang and have good post play.

When he got here he was kind of handcuffed b/c we had a roster of the exact opposite kind of players that fit his system, but I think he did a fairly good job with it. Now this season he finally has the type of roster he wants, and I think as they grow and mature the sky is the limit. Still think we do need a good consistent deep threat, but I do see some potential with some of the guys on our roster. I'm very excited for the future.

Re: I would disagree with your point about Stitt

Posted: Mar 9, 2014 4:19 AM

KJ could have fit nicely in OP's full court trap. Most of out "scorers" have become out of necessity. I agree with you on the style of offense that CBB prefers. CBB has odne a great job of adjusting to his personal, which is a huge factor in longevity in college coaching. I'm hoping KJ stays, this team could be really good next year.

Re: I would disagree with your point about Stitt

Posted: Mar 9, 2014 11:19 AM

Perhaps not a shooter in the sense of KC and TO were, but his shot improved into an asset with OP. He shot 41% from the field and 28% from 3 as a freshman to 45% and 39% respectively as a Junior. that growth was very noticeable and shows player development. That threat of him being able to knock down a 3 helped our offense when we would move the ball around the 3 line.

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