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Plyler's Blog: Friday Email Bag

Posted: Mar 25, 2016 9:34 AM

Friday Email Bag

Friday Email Bag
Each Friday I publish your comments and answer your questions. To submit a comment or questions, please email me at mickeyplyler@hotmail.com.

two questions.....

I notice a LOT of D1 players coming from Grayson High School....why are so many coming fr

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Re: Plyler's Blog: Friday Email Bag

Posted: Mar 25, 2016 9:54 AM

Sadly, I will have to miss the Spring Game this year due to business, but I plan on catching it on rerun. The game is somewhat vanilla, but I do recommend seeing it. It is a great chance to see all the players, younger and older. Since the QB's can only be touched, but not tackled, it is hard to see their true potential in situations where they might need to scramble and make plays with their legs (I do believe that is one of the reasons Kelly got dismissed. The format didn't feature his scrambling abilities, but it did fit Cole Stoudt's style. That said, I'm happy at how that has worked out for us). It is worth seeing, and it is fun to attend, just to get back to Tiger Town is a treat, IMO.

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Re: Spring game

Posted: Mar 25, 2016 1:45 PM

I love the spring game, you get a chance to see the backups and redshirts that did not play last year plus any mid year enrollees. Plus it is free! :)

suggestions to improve it:
I wish they would put in full speed contact punts and kickoffs... we need the work!
They often go to a running clock in the second half and it goes too fast, unless of course there is a home baseball game to see!

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