Topic: TNET: Clemson makes top-5 for grad transfer target
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Replies: 23  

TNET: Clemson makes top-5 for grad transfer target

Posted: Apr 14, 2019 10:03 PM

Clemson makes top-5 for grad transfer target

One of the top graduate transfer guards listed Clemson in his final five on Sunday. Charleston Southern guard Christian Keeling (6-4 175) is down to a top-5 of Read Update »

Re: TNET: Clemson makes top-5 for grad transfer target

Posted: Apr 14, 2019 10:32 PM

Come to Clemson young man, you will improve us and yourself !

2019 orange level member

Re: TNET: Clemson makes top-5 for grad transfer target

Posted: Apr 14, 2019 10:41 PM

I have seen how this probably ends. Just like our games with said teams. But we keep it close


You mean like it did when we recruited

Posted: Apr 14, 2019 10:46 PM

Shelton Mitchell, Elijah Thomas, Marcquise Reed, and other transfers under Brownell?

2019 white level member

Re: You mean like it did when we recruited

Posted: Apr 14, 2019 10:48 PM

So, there's a chance?

None of them were grad transfers

Posted: Apr 14, 2019 11:12 PM

I'd love to get him, but the holes and Purdue are pretty stiff competition, State as well. He's played close to home for 3 years, I just see him choosing a high end program, and that's not us.

1500 pts and 500 rebounds as a guard means

Posted: Apr 14, 2019 11:22 PM

1) even at Charleston Southern, he didn't light it up as a man among boys
2) he plays more as a wing forward than a backcourt guard at 6'4, 175...

if he gets an offer from Clemson, I need to get my nephew at Coker College in the transfer portal next year as a grad transfer...

2019 white level member

The point is that Brad has done a good job recruiting

Posted: Apr 15, 2019 10:21 AM

talented transfer players despite stiff competition from other schools. It will certainly take another level of success to get a guy that UNC and Purdue both want, but let's give Brad and his staff a chance.

2019 white level member

I'm hoping he chooses us

Posted: Apr 15, 2019 11:45 AM

but for a kid looking to move up to a much higher level for one year, if you had the choice of a sure NCAA appearance and a likely deep run, or walking in to a rebuild, which do you choose?

NONE of those recruits came from a Charleston Southern

Posted: Apr 14, 2019 11:16 PM

...and Charleston Southern is not equal in caliber to Vandy, Robert Morris, Valpo or Texas A&M...

his story is inspiring, but his top 5 is probably more like a top 2 of Clemson and GaTech; I would be totally surprised if he even has an offer for unc, purdue or nc state (tournament teams)... honestly, I would be surprised if he actually has an offer from us; where is his game film? Workouts and home life is great for the background check, but the game film is critical to the offer...

2019 white level member

Reed came from Robert Morris

Posted: Apr 15, 2019 12:05 AM

about the same level as CSU. The interest from the holes is known as their own media is reporting it.

Point taken, but there is a big difference

Posted: Apr 15, 2019 2:35 AM

between interest and offers... One says, were calling you right now, the other says, don't call us, we'll call you...
... and I'm hesitant with this player because his profile reads well but doesn't fit what we need in a guard because we already have 3 guys to play the role he played at CSU. If he's better than what we already have, then shame on us for not getting him for his career rather than just a grad transfer year, he was right down the road in Augusta...

2019 white level member

At this point in hoops you arent visiting

Posted: Apr 15, 2019 7:28 AM

a school if they dont want to bring you in. HS recruiting is basically done and schools are looking to fortify next years roster through transfers.

As far as originally missing on him, he was barely rated coming out of HS. No idea why, as it appears most missed on him. I will say he's exactly the type under the radar talent we need to find, something Brad has had little success doing. We know we arent going to land 5 stars, so we need guys who we identify. Most of our best players in history fall in to this category.

And I do believe he is far superior to anyone we'd have at 3/wing

I admire your confidence, I just don't share it...

Posted: Apr 15, 2019 2:40 PM

for me, Tyson, Newman and William would be 1st All Big South... it might be that I have not seen game film but it is rare that a player like MReed ends up at a CSU out of high school, transfers up to high major and becomes all conference as a high major player. I didn't see a break out game against a high major school, he only has one year to get it done with BBrownell, I personally don't think that he is going to be any better than what we have at his position, he's going to be undersized at the 3/wing, and we don't need another 3/wing... we truly have need of a traditional point guard and not another combo guard.

Also, this is further proof to me that Brownell does not recruit well. At some point, we have got to get a recruiting win with HS players that can have a more immediate impact than a 3rd or 4th year breakout...

If Keeling comes to Clemson, he's got my support, but unless he is simply the best available player, I'm pushing harder for the best PG first, then the best available player...

2019 white level member

No....more like Zion. Who if I recall...was a "lock"

Posted: Apr 15, 2019 12:02 AM

to sign with Clemson according to you

Thanks for your willingness to accept my apology

Posted: Apr 15, 2019 10:17 AM

after that entire fiasco, and refrain from continuing to criticize me over that every chance you get.

As I've said before, multiple people very close to that situation were confident Zion was coming to Clemson. David Hood even added a crystal ball on 247 for Clemson. Something changed.

I wouldn't have posted something with such confidence if I didn't have it on good authority that he was coming to Clemson.

Finally, this situation is not at all the same. Neither I nor anyone else have made any guarantees that this grad transfer will choose Clemson.

2019 white level member

No need for the extra***

Posted: Apr 15, 2019 10:36 AM

Remind us again how we did in the 2019

Posted: Apr 15, 2019 6:18 AM

Tournament with those guys??

Plus you say Brad hasnt recruited well because he doesnt have the fan support, money, or facilties to recruit, then you want to argue that he's a good recruiter who doesnt finish is 2nd like he does in close games.

The jig is up Ms Judge. Your personal infatuation with Coach B is clouding your rationality.

Those guys were key players in our Sweet 16

Posted: Apr 15, 2019 10:20 AM

appearance last year. In case you forgot, that is one of the best seasons we've ever had in our program's history.

I think Brad is a solid, but not great, recruiter at this point. I am encouraged by the improvement in recruiting over the past couple of seasons, and I think the facilities have helped with that. Still, we are fighting an uphill battle since we are still having to overcome low basketball spending, inconsistent fan support, our poor basketball history, and the perception that we only care about football at Clemson.

This is not hard to understand.

2019 white level member

Wait, what about this year?***

Posted: Apr 15, 2019 10:35 AM

Yeah, but now top transfers have figured us out...

Posted: Apr 15, 2019 11:48 AM

We don't have much of a chance with most of those other 5 because they know we are a long shot to make the NCAAT. I will be surprised that we land him unless he has a prior strong relationship with someone on our staff.

Re: TNET: Clemson makes top-5 for grad transfer target

Posted: Apr 15, 2019 10:40 AM

That would be huge. I hope we land him. I just hope if we do that, Brad plays our true frosh a lot too. He said he wants to pick up the tempo and play more guys. I hope he follows through.

2019 white level member

Re: TNET: Clemson makes top-5 for grad transfer target

Posted: Apr 14, 2019 11:47 PM

Come to Tiger Town - Mr Keeling!!

2019 purple level member

Re: TNET: Clemson makes top-5 for grad transfer target

Posted: Apr 15, 2019 10:24 AM

Just another example of how we cannot recruit well out of high school. The facilities are there! Sounds like a recruiting issue and who is to blame for that?


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