Topic: I am ASHAMED! Of all of YOU! Who left after Half time and
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Replies: 9  

I am ASHAMED! Of all of YOU! Who left after Half time and

Posted: Oct 23, 2013 5:29 AM

beyond! I was there until 3 AM cheering those who were cleaning up the Stadium after you coot pigs trashed it and left early! I was there admiring, kissing and polishing the Rock long after you were sleeping in your warm cozy coot loving beds! How DARE! you leave before me! Our lovely boys did no wrong! They were just playing the greatest team in the History of College Football! I love our players no matter what. Just lub them! How dare you coot luvers criticize them after they had such a bad night. They need comforting not bashing!
I am a proud Clemson city Meter maid. I spent $100,000 and got my Masters at Clemson. I could have been a doctor or lawyer but I chose to be a meter maid so I could stay as close as possible to the University that I love, cherish, adore and worship with all the fiber of my being. I live and breath Clemson. C L E M S O .....N!!! If you don't feel the same way then I am Ashamed you exist to breath my air! In fact, I am asking that my education money be donated for Player hot tubs. Each player should get a hot tub with big screen TVs, Refridges for their snacks and beer and whatever else their hearts desire. I am also asking this area be open to the public with windows so we can admire them as they relax and unwind after traumatic games like the bad ole FSU game. I am so sorry that we fans put them through so much agony. But they will bounce back!
Don't think you coot leaving sun of beeches will get away with leaving early! I took pictures of your car tags and families. So you better be careful where and how long you park in my beloved town of Clemson! I will use my Power as meter maid to get even!

LOL...Might want to switch to DECAF...permanently!***

Posted: Oct 23, 2013 5:44 AM

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haha You got that right!***

Posted: Oct 23, 2013 5:47 AM

Re: I am ASHAMED! Of all of YOU! Who left after Half time and

Posted: Oct 23, 2013 5:47 AM

now that's venting--point

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One thing i agree with....I've never seen the parking lots

Posted: Oct 23, 2013 5:50 AM

so full of trash everywhere. It really doesn't take much effort to bag it up!!!


If they ain't going to come & compete I'm not staying to

Posted: Oct 23, 2013 6:36 AM

Watch in short it is entertainment and I have other things I could be doing at 2 AM like sleep

Don't mine losing but not showing up i thought I was in the Bowden era again

Re: I am ASHAMED! Of all of YOU! Who left after Half time and***

Posted: Oct 23, 2013 6:51 AM

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Seems like your transformation is now complete, otherwise

Posted: Oct 23, 2013 7:57 AM

you would not have been able to even admit such a thing in the form of humor.



Re: I am ASHAMED! Of all of YOU! Who left after Half time and

Posted: Oct 23, 2013 9:28 AM

I got there at half time and stayed till the end.

The meter maid thing reminded me of the ticket lady, bless

Posted: Oct 23, 2013 9:55 AM

her heart, back in the 80s who rode around in the golf
cart putting chalk on wheels and writing tickets. Got a
few myself. Then you'd go to "student court" to protest
and they'd uphold it every time. Never heard anyone say
they got out of one.

I'd see some people argue with the ticket lady; she'd just
listen with her stern face and keep writing, lol. Guess she
was just doing her job and couldn't let up on anybody or
someone else would feel slighted. Think I got one in '85
I never paid; still owe CU $30. Might have to pay it if
my son Al goes to CU.

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Replies: 9  
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