Topic: How many teams in the top 4
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How many teams in the top 4

Posted: Nov 10, 2019 8:56 AM

Would you consider to be a legitimate complete team? Let's say that the committee unveiled a new top four of,

1) LSU
2) Ohio St.
3) Clemson
4) Georgia

Now, which of those teams can you break down and say that they are a complete team. A team that could still have a chance of staying in any game and winning it while one aspect of their team struggled?

Could LSU's defense hold down the offenses of the top 4 while their offense struggled to put up points for an extended period of time if they were matched up?

Could Ohio St, Clemson or Georgia?

Could LSU score enough against those top 4 teams defenses if their defense were exposed or struggled for a half? Again, Could Ohio St, Clemson or Georgia?

There is only one complete team in that top 4. It would still be Clemson, even without my bias towards the true Tigers.

LSU is a one dimensional team and if something were to happen to Joe Burrow, or if Burrow had an off day, then LSU would be in serious trouble against the likes of Ohio St and Clemson. I think that they could hang in with Georgia, but they would still lose.

Ohio St has a good offense, but they are one Dobbins injury away from having a hard time keeping pace with an LSU or Clemson team that is clicking offensively.
Ohio St is also just a Chase Young injury, or suspension, from having just an average to ordinary defense that I dont feel would be able to slow down a Burrow or Lawrence. Without Young, the Buckeyes would have a hard time pressuring either of those guys and Ohio St would be in a huge hole on the scoreboard.

Clemson is the most balanced team in the top 4. They are the most balanced team period. If Lawrence has an off day, Clemson still has ETN and a top flight defense that can keep the game close and have an excellent chance of winning.
If the Clemson defense struggles any at all, then the Tigers, behind Lawrence, ETN, Higgins and Ross and others can still light up any team at any time.

Georgia is a poor man's version of Clemson. They have a QB, who is a good leader on and off the feild. He has the ability to make enough plays through the air and with his legs that would keep Georgia afloat. Fromm is a broke man's version of Lawrence. Georgia does have a stable of RBs that could slow the game to a crawl and that would really help a struggling Georgia defense. It would help shorten the game for UGA.
Georgia's defense is a homeless man's version of the Clemson defense. As with a homeless man and his cardboard cutout home, it really depends on just how the wind blows in order to see if it falls apart or not.

I am biased. I do admit. Yet it should be clear and rather ob8to everyone that the only complete team this year are our Clemson Tigers. They are domi8on both sides of the ball and when focused, they are clearly the best team in college football. I dont care who has played who up to this point. When it comes time to focus and its single elimination. Win or go home. Clemson will rise.

Re: How many teams in the top 4

Posted: Nov 10, 2019 9:25 AM

Bucknuts & Clemson look like complete teams to me. LSU, Bama & UGA all have deficiencies.

I’d have Bama at #4. Losing to the coots at home and losing to LSU at home, those are losses that don’t reside in the same universe.

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There is no need for Bama to still be considered for the CFP

Posted: Nov 10, 2019 9:40 AM

Assuming LSU wins out, they proved yesterday they are better than Bama, by winning at Bama! There is absolutely no need for LSU to possibly have to play Bama again in the CFP.

On the other hand, LSU has not proved they are better than Clemson or OhSt. Assuming those three win out and are in, who should be the fourth team? Certainly not a team that has already lost at home to one of these three!

In the scenario above, the 4th team should be the B12 or Pac12 champ!

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