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Game Thoughts

Posted: Nov 30, 2014 11:06 AM

Hot #### that was a cathartic win!! That one was a long time coming for not only the fans, but the Seniors--especially on Defense. I felt like everyone, including the people in the stands, were on a mission yesterday!

It's unbelievable how much better the offense runs with DW back there. The O-Line seems to play better, particularly in pass blocking, and it just runs like a well-oiled machine with #4. And playing with basically a fake knee--this kid is unbelievable. We may not see another kid like #4 at Clemson ever again so I'm going to enjoy the next two years!!!

I genuinely feel bad for Stoudt, I think he kind of had a lot on his plate this year, and he seems like a nice kid but holy #### I'm not going to miss him.

How about Gallman and the O-Line yesterday!! That was some grown-man running!! Our 3 best RBs are all going to be FRs and SOs and we're getting Brooks back next year!!

What can I say about the Defense?! The line was relentless yesterday and aside from basically two bad plays (swing pass to Wilds (I think) and wildcat with Cooper) they were lights out!! Dylan Thompson had no idea what was going on!! Great to see Beasley get two more sacks too!

And the refs... What the #### was that?!?! Everytime I complain about the ACC refs I'm going to remember that it shockingly gets worse. That call on Anthony was borderline roughing the passer--although I genuinely think that rule should be called differently for someone standing in the pocket vs someone scrambling--but targeting!!??! Are you ####### kidding me?! I was upset about the call but more upset that Anthony had to leave, not sit out--LEAVE, his last home game as a SR. They robbed him of that experience on what was a perfectly legal play. Pathetic.

The sideline warning was ######## too and there was definitely a fumble on the Coots' last drive. I can't imagine why they didn't review it. Just shocking incompetence all around from the Zebras yesterday. Really pathetic.

Going to be sad to Morris go but I certainly can't blame him. Anyone on here who's been calling for his head and saying he's overrated, can't win big games, etc. is an idiot. If you can't see what CM has done for this program you're not paying attention. Happy Trails to CM--next one up?

To summarize, since I don't have 66 fingers, it's the year of the "One Bomb"!!

Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted, Coots. RIP USuCk Football, 2009-2013.


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