Topic: Everyone calm down and lets look at where we are
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Everyone calm down and lets look at where we are

Posted: Nov 25, 2012 10:55 AM

1. Last night sucked
In a close game at home, we should have won. Our defense didnt play great but they were on the field the entire 2nd half and still played with heart despite the mistakes. Stop SCar on 3rd and long and force a field goal and its 23-17 and we just need one drive to win. It didnt happen and for whatever reason we again played our worse game of the year against the coots. Tajh missing throws and hopkins dropping passes.. it just doesnt happen. So Why?

2. Our conference sucks
I know we have had success in the past in the ACC, but we cant ignore this anymore. Our guys are as talented as many SEC teams but when you are playing teams that are as inferior as the ACC is right now, you wont be ready to play the big boys when they come. If the Green Bay packers practiced every week against a high school team, you think they would be ready to play even the worse team in the NFL? The ACC is pulling us and FSU down... look what it did to Miami when they came and VT is even feeling it this year? FSU is a better team than Florida but after playing trash teams for 6 weeks, they were ready to face real talent. Without new leadership or a new direction.. the ACC is done.

3. Our coach
Say what you like about the last 4 years, except for the rivalry, every aspect of our program has gotten better since he took over. SCar is a much better program than what Bowden played against. They were on the upswing and passed us around the time we fired bowden and had the small recruiting class and it is not an easy thing to catch up. There are no excuses for losing 4 in a row, but it has been 4 in a row to a very good team. Dabo has shown he will make the hard decisions to get better (firing napier and steele) and he can get talent in here. Let's see what he does to take us another step up.
Regardless of conference, 20+ wins in two seasons is a step forward. Are there more steps? yes, much work to do obviously, but moving forward is moving forward.

4. What now
Calm down and accept where we are for what it is. Calling for firings, hoping for spurrier to retire or going into panic mode just makes the coots laugh at us that much more. How you handle defeat is just as, if not more, important than how you handle victory. Lets pick ourselves up and move on. We have a bowl game and lets make an example of whomever our foe is.

Go Tigers

Re: Everyone calm down and lets look at where we are

Posted: Nov 25, 2012 10:57 AM

yeah lets look at where we are 4 losses in a row. not done sine the early 50's. unacceptable by any standard


No panic, not calling for anyone's head, but let's be clear.

Posted: Nov 25, 2012 11:08 AM

There is no reason it should take more than 5-6 years for any coach to build a top 10-15 program at Clemson. No more 10-year-long Bowden leashes.

Dabo must understand that this year was not a success; in spite of all the wins against poor competition and all of the records set, we still can't beat a good team. If this is a transitional year, a blip on the radar screen, so be it, but the time for the desired result is sooner rather than later.

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Re: Everyone calm down and lets look at where we are

Posted: Nov 25, 2012 11:10 AM

#1) SCAR is not a great team, just a mediocre SEC team. We choked

#2) Why does conference matter? We expect to beat a Furman team by tons of points, if ACC sucks, then we should dominate them. We did on offense, but our defense is inept at best!

#3) Our coach has done nothing but maintain status quo while the ACC fell. Actually, we've dropped a bit. Look at Dabo's record versus Bowden. Bowden would beat SCAR and win a few bowl games. Dabo can't do either.

#4) We have another embarrassment coming. I'll bet you my Tigernet account we lose against an LSU or TAMU!

It's just the facts

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Re: Everyone calm down and lets look at where we are

Posted: Nov 25, 2012 11:12 AM

Totally Agree. Yes I can't stand SC or Spurrier and oh how I want to beat them so so bad, but we are moving foward. When they hired Spurrier I knew given time they we be much better. Given time we will get there, But man why did we have to have our worst game last night. Peersonally hope we get LSU in Chick-f-la Bowl. I think we could compete, they have a very good defense but suspect offense. Beat them and maybe all these okers calling for Dabo's head will be happy, but probally not, Go Tigers.

Re: Everyone calm down and lets look at where we are

Posted: Nov 25, 2012 11:19 AM

Thanks Dablo....is this your IPTAY speech this spring?

Re: Everyone calm down and lets look at where we are

Posted: Nov 25, 2012 11:20 AM

1) We didn't:Win that is.In fact we lost the last time we hosted the coots.Explain that one?
2) Everybody knows that except Swofford,who only cares about his beloved tarholesand basketball,and Barker,who only seems to care about academics.Either way we are stuck in a conference that sucks.
3)Has this program beaten a top 10 program since Dabo took over?Don't bother to answer that.
4)What now? Ask me a year from now when the streak is 0-5.
(If it ends in Columbia ,you can disregard this part of my post).
Oh,and handling victory against the also rans is not the same as handling a loss against a ranked opponent( see 3)
Can't wait to see our opponent.Care to venture it will be another SEC team.

Very good post... all true.

Posted: Nov 25, 2012 11:27 AM

To emphasize, the ACC schedule does nothing to prepare this team for adversity. It'd be better for us and FSU to play each other for six games a season!

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