Topic: Different view in stoudt issue
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Different view in stoudt issue

Posted: Nov 18, 2014 11:54 AM

The cole starting issue is a constant debate and issue that is driving people crazy whether your for or against him but here's a different perspective. Cole shouldn't start and here's why: I played college baseball and cole is like a pitcher who can't throw strikes. As a position player there is nothing harder than staying focused when your pitcher is walking people it becomes difficult to stay in the game defensively... Cole not being able to complete simple passes and making critical mistakes takes the drive out of the rest of the offense people begin not to believe. When you put a new qb in it wakes up the offense and gives them new hope much like that in baseball where I would way rather my pitcher get hit around the park than to sit still waiting and hoping for a strike. Players will fight harder for a guy giving it his all and not just hoping for something good to happen stoudt looks like he's just hoping something good happens.

Defensively our players start goon for the big hit or possibly miss on an interception that rather they should have just tried to bat down. They start going for homeruns to try to get the team back in the game rather then playing how should such as in baseball moving runners over getting bunts down etc..... When your team is down you begin to try to play out of yourself a lot this is true for a lot of sports and I believe it is pretty obvious when stoudt is in the game our whole team begins to press and try to hit that "6 run homerun"when we're down as my coach said to me in college that's not gonna work only work against you

its all about experience with DAbo

Posted: Nov 18, 2014 12:06 PM

I understand his logic...but the proof is in the games he's played. He has some tendencies that have been present in each and every game he's played in. Therefore you're licking your chops if you're a subpar defense in the SEC that wants to make a statement. How do we always go into this game with the pressure on us?? We're 5 games down...how is there any pressure on us. But with a QB that can't play under pressure you can't be excited or pumped to show em who we are...we are all shaky and not confident in the least. Again i understand you don't want to put a kid that hasn't had the first test into a big game like that but under Cole...its all about our Defense...can they score points for us.And as good as Spurrier is at calling an offensive game...I don't know

Re: Different view in stoudt issue

Posted: Nov 18, 2014 12:07 PM

so why have you all lost 5 games?

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