Topic: TNET: Swinney says he felt like Saturday would be a statement game
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Replies: 5  

TNET: Swinney says he felt like Saturday would be a statement game

Posted: Oct 7, 2018 9:01 AM

Swinney says he felt like Saturday would be a statement game

Clemson needed Saturday’s win over Wake Forest. The program not only needed to just win the ballgame, the Tigers needed to dominate, throw a few style points out there for the national pundits, and most of all they needed to win to put the hurt of the past week in the rearview mirror. Full Story »

We need a “Shut Your Mouth” game

Posted: Oct 7, 2018 9:08 AM

against NC St. in 2 weeks.


Completely Agree

Posted: Oct 7, 2018 12:56 PM

NCSU needs to be put in their place. They've been a little 'uppity' this season, gaining confidence from those big time wins against James Madison, Georgia State, Marshall and Virginia. They've won major challenges ON THE ROAD! Wait... that can't be right... They had 1 road game in their first scheduled 6 games? Hmmmm.

So perhaps NCSU isn't very good. I mean, they could probably make a run for the title in the CAA or SunBelt. But don't tell their fans that. Let them continue to believe they're actually able to compete with the Tigers. Oct. 20th is going to be a very entertaining day.


Re: TNET: Swinney says he felt like Saturday would be a statement game

Posted: Oct 7, 2018 9:20 AM

"We don't have very many quarterbacks".. Because we had 4 4or5* who didn't like the competition and took a walk...

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Re: TNET: Swinney says he felt like Saturday would be a statement game

Posted: Oct 7, 2018 12:46 PM

I can't blame Hunter Johnson for taking his game to another team where he would have a much better chance to start. When Hunter left, there was KB at that time that had the starting position locked down, and then there was the #1 QB recruit in the country coming in that was a solid 5 star talent in QB Trevor Lawrence... Before Trevor Lawrence ever got on campus, the chatter was loud with most predicting that Lawrence would be the Clemson starting QB by or before mid season with most feeling that KB would fall to the backup QB position, and nobody felt that KB at that time was a Quitter but, the new transfer rules wasn't out at that time either.

I still don't think that anybody really thought that KB would quit on his team or his brothers that has been in the same situation before, that he was in at the time of losing the starter position. Almost every player that has played FB at Clemson has risen and fallen more than once during their time at Clemson especially under our now staff bc their rules have always been that the guys that had the best practices started the next game. But,

Hunter Johnson's entire situation was different for him bc, Hunter was seeing another highly rated QB coming in after him in (TL), and from where he was seeing things with a higher rated QB in TL coming in after him, was already being predicted as the starter by mid season. Hunter made the very best decision for Hunter and his future as a highly talented QB that also had the same dreams of playing in the NFL, and with TL at Clemson, he didn't see his dreams as a future NFL QB as a reality from Clemson, and neither did anyone else. Personally I don't think that anyone could ever Blame Hunter Johnson for doing what was best for his future in trying for an NFL career as a QB, Hunter will have a chance of making his dream a reality at a school where he has the chance to be a starting QB. In all honesty, that chance wasn't at Clemson. I wish Hunter Johnson the very best, and I do hope to see him as an NFL QB after he has had a very successful college career as the starting QB at Northwestern!!!

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Re: TNET: Swinney says he felt like Saturday would be a statement game

Posted: Oct 7, 2018 1:30 PM

Why is it that all, Dabo' not the only one, coaches are impressed when their team whips a far inferior team. GA Tech coach and team interviews said after whipping Bowling Green that they have arrived and are great now. Really? This is so unrealistic. Creates a false sense of accomplishment and ability. I have never understood this. I'm a Tiger fan and alum ('72) but the pathetic miscues the entire 1st quarter and the eventual whipping of WF was no great accomplishment. Going into the game is was known that Wake is at a real low place, no defensive coordinator, marginal QB, and a lot more.

Let's see how we do against NC State (possibly one of the ACC's best this year), FSU (not FSU of the past but they are improving, and Franci... is getting back to his pre-injury game), BC (at Chestnut Hill with a healthy team will be tough). And I'm praying we don't overlook the Cardinals, Duke, nor JakeB.

When our games get close, e.g., TAM, I think our coaches play it way to close. Whether it's luck or Divine intervention, Dabo has experienced those few times that it didn't finish well. I remember that 2016 NC State game which accept for a deflection of the ball we should have lost.

We're all human and prone to mistakes, omission or commission. For the very best there's no such thing as an 'error-free' game anymore (against a true competitor), but I'm still hoping.

I'm thrilled to be 6 - 0, but gosh the game watching cardiac arrests would really be nice to minimize.

Go Tigers.

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