Topic: After responding to yet another YouTube comment about Clemson...
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Replies: 5  

After responding to yet another YouTube comment about Clemson...

emoji_events [7]
Posted: Oct 22, 2019 10:55 PM

I just had to take a moment and reflect. I remember being a frustrated, yet proud Clemson fan during the Tommy Bowden era (I'm in my 20s now). You had 2004 when we went to Miami and pulled the upset (Pete Yannity called the game of his life on the radio broadcast). Then the next week, we went to Durham and laid an egg vs Duke. Or 2006 when we broke out the Purple unis and beat the snot out of GT in a night game...only to go 1-4 to finish the season.

2007? Even worse for me. In a take-all game for the division, Matty Ice & Co came into DV and silenced the crowd with a bomb to the other side of the field (to this day, I've never heard the stadium so quiet and deflated).

Now FF'wd to 2019 and it's a different kind of frustration: defending Clemson to the rest of the country, when deep down you know that your boys will blow them out once the opportunity presents itself. We've gone from being the team that "didn't win games we were supposed to win" to now being the team that ppl are practically waiting on to finally lose lol. It's very interesting how the narrative has changed.

Re: After responding to yet another YouTube comment about Clemson...

Posted: Oct 22, 2019 11:51 PM

It messes up their SEC/Big10 love fest

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Re: After responding to yet another YouTube comment about Clemson...

Posted: Oct 23, 2019 4:05 AM

I put an extension on my browser that hides all youtube comments. Of all the social media platforms that I visit regularly, the comments on youtube take the cake for being mindless squawking. I'm not just talking about Clemson comments, but life in general. Occasionally I turn the comments back on and I almost always regret it.

But I agree with your point. Everyone is waiting for Clemson to lose. Happy to disappoint them.

Re: After responding to yet another YouTube comment about Clemson...

Posted: Oct 23, 2019 5:01 AM

Thanks for the trip down bad memories lane. I was in my 20’s and knew my way around a bottle. Needless to say, I was a bit of a handful during and after those games.

My young fellow Tiger, it's human nature to want

Posted: Oct 23, 2019 6:35 AM

to see a power-that-be stumble. It could be us, Bama, OK, Ohio State...any team with a history of success.

We see it here on TigerNet, post after post, wishing that this or that team will be beaten. Many will support underdogs, because our nation was founded in an underdog role.

You'll learn to ignore all the blather by picking and choosing what to read or see. I visit TNet, but I rarely visit other sites or watch sports' shows, because I have more important matters on hand, and I understand human nature.

By the way, I'm in my 70's...I've had a little experience with these kinds of things. lol.

Best wishes to you.

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It's a little different with us, in my opinion.

Posted: Oct 23, 2019 6:54 AM

Most of the nation accepts Alabama, Oklahoma, Ohio State, etc as winning programs. It's how it's "supposed" to be. To borrow from Joker in The Dark Knight, Alabama being #1 perpetually is according to the plan.

I've said before and stand by the idea that we are uniquely positioned to be almost universally hated by the college football world. It's a cute story and easy to root for us the first time, maybe two that we make it to the playoff, but after that we're "supposed to" go away, back to mediocrity. For most programs, we take away all their excuses. If Clemson can rise to national prominence and stay there, then why can't their team? To the bona fide blue bloods we're a thorn in the side, a team that might provide a challenge sometimes but isn't supposed to actually WIN so #### much.

Of course, as Clemson fans we know it hasn't been that easy. We've seen the slow progress, the investments made in the program, the vision Dabo has worked hard to make a reality. It matches how we've always felt, that Clemson has all the ingredients to be elite in college football and they just haven't all been put together outside of a few brief periods in our history.

I choose to embrace it, because it's fun. Nobody hates Arizona...or Northwestern...or Purdue...because they're irrelevant. I'd rather everyone hate us than go back to being irrelevant.

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Replies: 5  


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