Topic: How many more spots do we have?
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Replies: 10  

How many more spots do we have?

Posted: Dec 20, 2018 3:01 PM

Where do we stand? TIA

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Re: How many more spots do we have?

Posted: Dec 20, 2018 3:03 PM

Depends on NFL departures. Probably have room for 3 more

We're at 27 but I think we take at least three (3) more...***

Posted: Dec 20, 2018 3:07 PM


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Re: How many more spots do we have?

Posted: Dec 20, 2018 3:12 PM

We ended last year 7 under the 85 limit and lose 20 to graduation. We currently have 27 commits so technically we are full. We will see some bolt to the NFL or transfer. Dabo has to decide how many more we take and likely depends on who wants to commit. Likely will take Crouch and A RB but not much else

27 is correct unless....

Posted: Dec 20, 2018 3:20 PM

Ferrell, Dexter Lawrence, Mullen going pro makes 3 more spots.

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I think there are a few others that could leave early as

Posted: Dec 20, 2018 3:35 PM

well. Lamar and Feaster seem the most likely. I'm not saying either of them will, but i would certainly understand if they did.

Williams could be gone too and there are a few others who I

Posted: Dec 20, 2018 5:28 PM

believe have graduated that may not have a scholarship to come back

I think we would still sign another RB, OL, DL and LB if it was the right talent/fit. Crouch is considered the LB there. The OL could be the guy that didn't sign with MSU. The DL? and RB could be Ealy or someone else. If we don't get the right guy then we'll be done and roll to next year. None of those are highly critical at this point.

I may be confusing your post, but

Posted: Dec 20, 2018 5:57 PM

Dabo won’t yank scholarships just because a player graduate early ‘no scholarship to come back to’’. However, they are candid about playing time and some may go other places for it. And that may happen. Apologies,if I missed your point.

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it's not yanking.... you are done when you graduate...

Posted: Dec 20, 2018 6:32 PM

he doesn't let guys just stay on because they have eligibility left and want to stay...... a number of guys have moved on and transferred elsewhere for a final year because that't the deal

and I'm not referring to guys like Wilkiins/Ferrell etc- I'm

Posted: Dec 20, 2018 6:37 PM

talking the guys who got the 1 year walkon scholly or have been there 4 years and are on the scout team. They got their degree as promised but time to move on.

You’re right, they could

Posted: Dec 20, 2018 7:29 PM

Wallace and Muse would be able to as well. But if I had to guess I think we lose Dex, Cle, and Mullen to the draft. I could see Feaster going as teams like younger RB’s without as much mileage on their legs. But he’s not a bell cow back anyway.

Replies: 10  
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