Topic: 2019-2020 Clemson Tigers
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2019-2020 Clemson Tigers

Posted: Jun 11, 2019 9:29 AM

I saw someone ask for this in another post and I haven't seen it posted yet so here you go:


#0 Clyde Trapp 6'4" Junior
#2 Al-Amir Dawes 6'2" Freshman
#3 Chase Hunter 6'3" Freshman
#4 Nick Honor 5'10" Sophomore (has to sit out a year)
#10 Curan Scott 6'4" Grad
#12 Alex Hemenway 6'3" Freshman
#15 John Newman III 6'5" Sophomore


#1 Jonathan Baehre 6'10" Junior (torn ACL in May-expected to miss all of season)
#5 Hunter Tyson 6'8" Sophomore
#21 Khavon Moore 6'8" (three years of eligibility-trying to get waiver so doesn't have to sit out)
#25 Aamir Simms 6'8" Junior
XX Tevin Mack 6'6" Grad


#55 Trey Jemison 7'0" Sophomore
XX Paul Grinde 6'10" Grad (from D3 Vassar College)

I did not include the walk-ons.

Assuming if Moore does not get his waiver, my guess for the starting lineup game 1:


If Moore does get his waiver, I think we go small:


Guys who will contribute off bench(in order IMO):


2020 student level member

Re: 2019-2020 Clemson Tigers

Posted: Jun 11, 2019 9:39 AM

Very informative post - SecondComing ... Thanks for posting !

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If people were as good as their obituary - and products were as good as advertised - this would truly be a wonderful world !!

Nice work, thanks.***

Posted: Jun 11, 2019 9:53 AM

Thanks! This is helpful info.....

Posted: Jun 11, 2019 2:29 PM

I know we are thin down low...but the Mack signing is huge for us. If Moore gets his waiver, I like the versatility he brings.
Not sure what the end result will be, but this team got a whole lot more interesting in the past couple of weeks.
If this team can build a little chemistry on this overseas trip, cautious optimism may be called for.
Despite all the hoopla about transfers, I think the development of Trapp and Simms as players and leaders will be the most important ingredient. If they take a step forward, the team will follow, I think.
We could be a really saucy team in 20-21 with all hands on deck.

I think the Italy trip will help tremendously

Posted: Jun 11, 2019 3:21 PM

Allow the team to play competitive games and build chemistry this summer. I have been watching the Men's basketball instagram videos and it appears everyone is on campus except Grinde (I havent seen him yet) and Mack (I'm assuming he will show up once he gets admitted into school).

Basketball in general has become more guard/shooter/spread oriented. Having a dominate big man is no longer needed. Missing Baehre is going to suck but I think we can win with a smaller lineup with 2 guys on the floor at the same time that are 6'6" to 6'8".

If anything, all the new faces have me excited for basketball season. Maybe it will bring a new spark to the program. Not saying the new guys are better than those that departed....but I hope this team is exciting to watch.

Getting Moore this year will help big time. Him + Mack + Scott will have to score for us in order to compete in the ACC. Next year is the year to watch though: We could land a few highly talented recruits in the 2020 class that we have a shot for and we only lose Curan Scott, Grinde and Mack. Simms + Trapp + Baehre (not sure where he stands on a medical RS) will be seniors, Newman + Tyson + Jemison + Moore + Honor will be juniors, Hemenway + Dawes + Hunter will be sophomores. If we can land Tate and Hall from Dorman, I think we'll be really good. This is assuming we don't lose anyone to transfer though.

I'm excited for Clemson basketball because the transfer market honestly means turnarounds can be quick.

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Re: I think the Italy trip will help tremendously

Posted: Jun 12, 2019 1:22 PM

indeed a huge opportunity for this group to play together in real games this Summer - should make a big difference, especially early in the regular season

after T Mack made his decision, i told my better half that i am getting cautiously optimistic about the next season

should be a fun group to watch!

Re: 2019-2020 Clemson Tigers

Posted: Jun 12, 2019 1:41 PM

I HIGHLY doubt Grinde will contribute much at all. He is a walk-on. Where we're going to have to find depth is with guys playing bigger positions than they have in the past. Simms at the center position, like you mentioned. Perhaps Mack at power forward. Tyson at power forward.

Re: 2019-2020 Clemson Tigers

Posted: Jun 13, 2019 11:26 AM

Well definitely have to play some small-ball lineups. I think Jemison is our only contributor at center, and he’ll probably play (at most) 25 minutes a game.

We’ll have to spend a considerable amount of time (Italy will help with this) preparing a lineup where Simms is our primary rebounder.

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