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Before Clemson: From Westport, Conn., Donovan was named the top goalkeeper in the region by Top Drawer Soccer and New England Soccer Journal. He has been to 11 youth national team ID centers and was part of the Capelli Sport USA team which traveled to compete in Denmark last summer. He has spent time training with Estudiantes De La Plata in Argentina, and as a member of Beachside Soccer Club, he has allowed the fewest goals of any keeper in all of MLS Next. He is a graduate of Staples High School, Coach Noonan’s alma mater.
Noonan on Donovan… “Patrick is an outstanding prospect who has a very high soccer I.Q. He has been developed in one of the best youth clubs in the country and attended the best high school in the country.”

*Courtesy Clemson Media Guide


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Patrick Donovan FAQ

What position does Patrick Donovan play for the Clemson Tigers? Patrick Donovan is a Goalkeeper for the Clemson Tigers
When did Patrick Donovan join the Clemson Tigers? 2022
What years did Patrick Donovan play for the Clemson Tigers? 2022
What is Patrick Donovan's number at Clemson? 0
Did Patrick Donovan play for the Clemson Tigers? Yes
Did Patrick Donovan go to Clemson? Yes
What college did Patrick Donovan go to? Patrick Donovan attended Clemson
What is Patrick Donovan's hometown? Westport, CT
What city is Patrick Donovan from? Westport
Where is Patrick Donovan from? Patrick Donovan is from Westport, CT
How tall is Patrick Donovan? Patrick Donovan currently stands at 6-2
How much does Patrick Donovan weigh? Patrick Donovan currently weighs in at 190 pounds
What state is Patrick Donovan from? CT