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Before Clemson: Petry hails from Charleston and previously played at Oceanside Collegiate Academy in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, where he won a state championship in 2019 and became the school’s all-time leader in goals and assists. His exceptional play earned him All-State and All-Lowcountry honors while at Oceanside.

*Courtesy Clemson Media Guide


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MJ Petry FAQ

What position does MJ Petry play for the Clemson Tigers? MJ Petry is a Midfielder for the Clemson Tigers
When did MJ Petry join the Clemson Tigers? 2022
What years did MJ Petry play for the Clemson Tigers? 2022
What is MJ Petry's number at Clemson? 24
Did MJ Petry play for the Clemson Tigers? Yes
Did MJ Petry go to Clemson? Yes
What college did MJ Petry go to? MJ Petry attended Clemson
What is MJ Petry's hometown? Mount Pleasant, SC
What city is MJ Petry from? Mount Pleasant
Where is MJ Petry from? MJ Petry is from Mount Pleasant, SC
How tall is MJ Petry? MJ Petry currently stands at 6-3
How much does MJ Petry weigh? MJ Petry currently weighs in at 155 pounds
What state is MJ Petry from? SC