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Prior to Clemson Camilo Comi will arrive in Clemson as a speedy left-footed winger… Has played for Club Atletico Talleres since 2019… Was a part of Club Atletico Lanus in 2018… Comi was a part of the youth division sides at both Talleres and Atletico… Started playing with Renato Cesarini of Rosario at age 13… Renato Cesarini has produced notable names such as Santiago Solari, Javier Mascherano and Martin Demichelis… Started his youth career by playing between Central Cordoba of Rosario and Rosario Central.
Head Coach Mike Noonan on Comi…
“Camilo’s got passion for the game. He’s electric in his personality and the way that he plays. His smile will light up a room! I think the fans at Riggs are going to find him to be a fan favorite in terms of some of the things he does with the ball. It’s going to be a lot of fun to coach and a lot of fun to have [with the team].”

*Courtesy Clemson Media Guide


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Camilo Comi FAQ

What position does Camilo Comi play for the Clemson Tigers? Camilo Comi is a Forward for the Clemson Tigers
When did Camilo Comi join the Clemson Tigers? 2021
What years did Camilo Comi play for the Clemson Tigers? 2021
What is Camilo Comi's number at Clemson? 11
Did Camilo Comi play for the Clemson Tigers? Yes
Did Camilo Comi go to Clemson? Yes
What college did Camilo Comi go to? Camilo Comi attended Clemson
What is Camilo Comi's hometown? Rosario, Argentina
Where is Camilo Comi from? Camilo Comi is from Rosario, Argentina
How tall is Camilo Comi? Camilo Comi currently stands at 5-7
How much does Camilo Comi weigh? Camilo Comi currently weighs in at 147 pounds
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