Topic: Giving Out A Tiger Roar == 4th Edition ---
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Giving Out A Tiger Roar == 4th Edition ---

Oct 16, 2021, 11:24 AM

If I was a tiger standing majestically at the edge of the cliff as I look over the vast valley....I would be letting out a roar for Tyler Venables. A drive stopping ...or should I say score stopping interception that he made when Syracuse was deep in our territory. If not for that interception and everything continued as it played out yesterday.....Clemson would have lost possibly 21 to 17.

I would also let out a roar for the steady ones.
+ BT Potter...valued kicks made in a very hostile environment.
+ Kobe Pace...the hard nosed running is coming along.

I'm roaring for Joseph Ngata for that body extending touchdown catch. May need to let Ngata run a few routes as a standing Tight-End instead of one in a 3 point stance. He could use his size and length nicely against linebackers and safeties. Speaking of body extending.....great catch at the 2 yard line Justyn Ross.

Giving out a shorter roar for DJ U. 34 times of him putting that ball in the air in a hostile environment and came out of there with no interceptions.

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