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The False Prophet

emoji_events [8]
Nov 29, 2019, 10:47 AM

It is hard to believe there are at most four games left for Clemson. The year has gone by fast and Clemson has a very good chance of back to back CFP Championships. Paul and his ESPN sycophants tried desperately to poor mouth Clemson out of the playoffs by Trevor is making mistakes/Schedule/the close win at UNC and even managed to get Clemson to be 5th in the rankings. I imagine ole Paul giddy and rubbing his hands with glee. But Clemson managed to get to third and will be the odds on favorite to win again.

For Christmas, I want 2 things: I want tickets to the Championship Game in New Orleans and the ACCN to hire an ACC advocate to rival Paul.

Go Tigers!

Alabama at Auburn

Ole Paul is developing twitches in his nether places because the pachyderms are on the cusp of being left out of the CFP. Tua is a great quarterback and hate for him to have a season ending injury. The Tide play at Auburn on the plains where the tigers/war eagles have the home advantage. Bama's defense is not as stout as in previous years and with out a play maker quarterback, the Tides is ripe for an upset The question is can Malzahn's schizophrenic offense can score points. Iggles 24 Pauls kids 16

Ohio State at Michigan

So Mr. Khaki pants hosts OSU at home. On paper, this game should not even be close. In practice this game will not be close. In the fourth quarter, enraged Michigan fans will be calling the Athletic Director to demand Mr. Khaki's immediate replacement. O310 56 Khakis 17

Texas A&M at LSU

Jimbo goes to the Bayou to play not the Auburn nor Missouri but the LSU Tigers in the fake deaf (sic) valley. I hope the cadets partied hard on Bourbon Street because they will have a headache from the beating Saturday. LSU has a high scoring offense and will put up a lot of eye test points on the cadets. Deaf Valley 63 Aggies 24

Georgia at Georgia Tech

OK we have the leghumpers going to play the Yellow Jackets. On paper, given the jackets growing pains this game is not close. The dogs laid an egg and LOST AT HOME to the chickens so they have ability to lie down. Factor in the probability of looking ahead to playing LSU in SEC Championship, plus Kirby being Kirby, I am calling an upset. GT 24 Kirbies 21

Clemson at South Carolina

HMMMM how to phrase this – leave the women and children at home because it will not be pretty. CBV was embarrassed last year and will have his defense playing with their hair on fire. It will be so bad the Scar fans will start leaving during the during warmups chanting SEC. I learned the other day that Spurs Up means they can get a firm grip on Bamas coat tails. Clemson will give the CFP plenty of eye test points plus play entire traveling team with possible exception of the punter. Clemson 50+ SCAR 13

Disclaimer: It is all in fun and no offense meat to anyone save the bug eaters.

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