Topic: For the 11 Warrior Lukers
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For the 11 Warrior Lukers

emoji_events [10]
Posted: Dec 12, 2019, 5:45 PM

I was looking at their site last night. Pretty good layout. One of the interesting threads was their posters trying to figure out why Clemson Fans are so confident about beating them. I laughed at the posts that said Clemson overlooking OSU will be to our demise. Absolutely no one playing or game planning for that game is posting on Tigernet. The way they talk about Clemson being some Johnny Come Lately is also hilarious. I am fifty years old and have never seen Clemson lose to Ohio State.

Here is why Clemson fans are confident in a win:

1) Explosive Playmakers- Travis, Tee, Justin, Amari, Frank, Joe, Overton, Lyn J all can go 75 yards at any time. OSU has not seen a team with that many playmakers all year long. If you took an All Big Ten first team does not have that many playmakers.

2) Ability to run the football- Dobbins is really good and OSU does play against Jonathan Taylor. However, #9 has had a historically good career. Like all time history good. Brent V has done a great job making teams one dimensional in his tenure at Clemson. He will scheme to stop the run. We have corners good enough to put on an island on 1st and 2d down. If you can't stay ahead of schedule on Clemsons defense it will be a 6 sack night.

3) Lawrence in the spotlight- Sports talking heads wanted this dude to go straight to the NFL after the playoffs last year. After a rough start, he is playing better now than he was last year at this point of the Season. We believe he will continue the good play.

4) Defense- This is a different defense than the last two years. In many ways it is better. We don't have the Dline like last year. Neither does anyone else in College Football. Our Back Seven is better than any I can remember in the playoff era. Muse can be the weak link in coverage at times, but he has played well all year long. He had some busts in the ACCCG, but I also don't think Brent schemed around him not playing well and righted the ship. Tanner, K-Vonn, AJ, Denzel, Isiah, James, Chad and Nolan have a ton of experience. Experience honed on the highest stage.

5) Depth-Clemson plays more players than any other program. Clemson also plays them in other than garbage time. Casual observers have no idea that we rotate o-linemen in the first and second quarter from game 1 to game 15. We rotate a ton of people on defense from game one. People can say Clemson played no one this year and last year was last year. That may be true but no team in this playoff has more players with playoff experience than we do. If Trevor Lawrence goes out Chase Brice comes in. Chase is an NFL talent who has had more snaps over the last two years than Mitch Trubisky had his entire career at UNC.

6)Recent History- Clemson has played great since DW4's sophomore year. We have the longest playoff streak. We have never lost to OSU. We had a championship caliber team two years ago. Our defense played well enough to beat Bama. We had some drops early and our QB's were mediocre at best. Alabama had more yards in the first half of our blowout win last year than thy did the entire game the year before. Our first Championship against Bama, we were happy to be there ( we were good enough to win that night too). Now we expect to win.

7) BigTen- I have only watched one OSU game this year, the Penn State game. I watched Penn State play three times (Pitt,MN and OSU)I thought they were hot garbage. Should have lost to Pitt. Over-rated on the scale of Florida and Michigan. Also saw Michigan play. Saw them almost lose to Army. Tried to watch Iowa and Mich, it was unwatchable. Big Ten West with the exception of the boat rowers could not score a touchdown on Clemson if we game them the ball at the 20. Clemson catches a lot of grief for how bad the ACC is the year. The Big Ten is by far the most over-rated conference in America. I do think OSU is an elite team like Clemson and LSU though. We have not played a team as talented as OSU yet this year. Playing our best opponents in the playoffs is no different than any other year for us. It worked out well for Bama once. Ask Oklahoma and Notre Dame how that usually works out.

8) Justin Fields- Until he leads OSU to a victory over Clemson, Clemson fans will always see him as the over-rated recruit who could not beat out Jake Fromm. Maybe unfair to him, but that is the perception.

9) Chase Young- Great Player. Apples and Oranges to Isiah but they are clearly the two best defensive players in College Football. Clemson has done a good job minimizing the impact of outstanding D-Line Players. Williams from Alabama played well last year, but did not impact the game. We expect the same with Young. He will make some plays but we are confident he won't be a game changer.


Re: For the 11 Warrior Lukers

Posted: Dec 12, 2019, 5:58 PM

Case closed-

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Re: For the 11 Warrior Lukers

Posted: Dec 12, 2019, 6:07 PM

"Muse can be the weak link in coverage at times, but he has played well all year long. He had some busts in the ACCCG, but I also don't think Brent schemed around him not playing well and righted the ship."

IMO, Perkins at UVA is a way better QB than Fields is right now. Perkins was good enough to expose Muse, but Fields will not be able to do that. As you mentioned, CBV has probably already planned to close that weakness (even though I have no idea how he does that).

Great post. OSU needs to mail in this game and save them more embarrassment. Plus, Chase Young will lose millions in the draft as he is exposed like he's never witnessed.


Re: For the 11 Warrior Lukers

Posted: Dec 12, 2019, 6:14 PM

For the record, I've saved your post...spot on on every level.


You done done it now.

Posted: Dec 12, 2019, 7:10 PM

The 11 Wannabees ain't gonna like that one bit.


Re: For the 11 Warrior Lukers

Posted: Dec 13, 2019, 8:03 AM

Thanks for the good read. I first thought of suggesting one of the tnetters with an 11W account post there; but the fans on there are pretty much just like coots on fgf. So why bother.

Also, I watched a few more B1G games than you, and my uneducated/unskilled eye (test?) led me to the same or similar conclusions you made on the quote “... 031O State quality B1G wins... “.

I have been one of the proponents for us to eliminate the Woffords and the Charlottes from our schedule; but I am not playing the games, nor do I have to coach or prepare our team to play. So, if Dabo and our Athletic Department thinks this is the schedule to play, then so be it. But IF we did play a better schedule, it is my belief we would not be doubted as we are - and have been.

The good news, though, is NOW our Tigers DO get to show the college football world who these Tigers ARE!

Prediction: Tigers win by at least two scores.


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