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Username: Clemsport  tmail Member Since: 2017-01-08
Email: Ctf0813@gmail.com
Phone: 4237421000
Date Posted:01-22-2020 10:28 PM
FOR SALE : I’ve had a lot of fun with it - great for tailgating. Got to sell my ORANGE 2015 Jeep Wrangler JKU 4-dr. Soft top, lots of custom features. $29,000 OBO.
Username: Pfh2  tmail Member Since: 2020-01-04
Email: Paul.manyfacets.hill@gmail.com
Phone: 2404055304
Date Posted:01-05-2020 12:32 PM
FOR SALE : Looking for a Room for the game in New Orleans ? Visit https://www.vrbo.com/1863917?adultsCount=4&arrival=2020-01-10&departure=2020-01-14
Username: smitty1959  tmail Member Since: 2012-02-15
Email: dereksmith1959@msn.comdonor logo
Date Posted:10-29-2019 7:04 PM
FOR SALE : 2001 EZ Go golf cart. 6 brand new batteries added today (10/29/2019). Back seat and cargo bed. Can be seen in Clemson. Send me an email with any questions you might have. Asking $4000.
Username: purplefan2009  tmail Member Since: 2019-07-12
Email: lynleegarmon@gmail.com
Phone: 4045146439
Date Posted:07-12-2019 8:20 PM
FOR SALE : Hi There! I, unfortunately, cannot attend the 2019 Dabo's Ladies Clinic (Saturday, July 20th 7 AM) and wanted to see if anyone was looking for a pair of tickets. If you have never been this is an amazing event - I am so heart broken to miss it. These are general admission and cost $150 each. General Admission Package: $150 per person Package includes a swag bag, Ladies Clinic t-shirt, and a Chick-fil-a boxed lunch* (fried chicken sandwich, waffle chips, and a chocolate chip cookie). *Please note that with an event of this size, unfortunately we are unable to make special accommodations for food allergies. If you have a food allergy, please plan accordingly. Event Link: https://www.dabosallinteam.com/Default.asp?ID=199&pg=Ladies+Clinic Let me know if you are interested!
Username: dempseyfamily4  tmail Member Since: 2009-08-10
Email: reiddempsey@aol.com
Phone: 803-603-1492
Date Posted:07-04-2019 12:51 PM
FOR SALE : Two Dabo Ladies Clinic tickets for sale. $150 each July 20, 2019
Username: thompson_creek_tiger  tmail Member Since: 2013-12-01
Email: darivers71@yahoo.com
Date Posted:03-26-2019 4:58 PM
FOR SALE : 1981 Football National Champion Coke bottles. Excellent condition, no wear, no rust on caps. $15/bottle or 2/$25 if multiple are purchased. Currently have 24 available. Will be at spring game, will bring if interest shown. Otherwise, willing to meet reasonable distance from my home when work schedule/etc will allow.
Username: Lonewolff55  tmail Member Since: 2019-02-13
Email: Gamenerd4000@gmail.com
Phone: 336-365-4060
Date Posted:02-13-2019 2:23 PM
FOR SALE : Clemson Play sheet from the 2011 Orange Bowl game/week. This has the Offensive plays used/practiced for the Orange Bowl of 2011 where the Clemson Tigers played #7 WVU and lost 30-70. After this loss, the Tigers would go on to win every bowl game since, even picking up two national championships along the way. This include the Practice schedule as well. There are color coded copies, and black and white copies. While there are multiple copies of each sheet, I am selling this as a full set. Price: $800 obo (Nothing less than $200 will be accepted)
Username: 69Golf69  tmail Member Since: 2011-06-30
Email: mwtalbot1969@gmail.com
Phone: 9198197044
Date Posted:02-12-2019 1:31 PM
FOR SALE : Brand new, non-assembled dog crate (kennel) .... airport accepted .... asking $50 cash w/pickup ..... or can deliver locally for $20 xtra. Please call Mike

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