The Pawcast is a regular podcast, recorded by 3 Clemson alumni, focused on Tiger athletics. They break things down from a fan's perspective, and try to keep a balance between homerific hot takes and objective analysis.
Cody Fowler (Psychology, 2010) gets the blame/credit for starting the podcast in early 2015. A native of Greenville, Cody moved to San Francisco (home of the Pawcast) in 2012 and works for a small digital advertising company. He loves nerding out on all nuances of Clemson Football, particularly recruiting, roster management, and player development. He has a unique perspective having attended South Carolina his freshman year. Between this and lifelong Duke basketball fandom, we won't judge if you take him with a grain of salt. His all-time favorite Clemson player is Tajh Boyd and his #1 Clemson bar is TD's.
Ben Welty (Architecture, 2006) was initially a podcast skeptic, but has stuck with it as he'll find any excuse to talk Clemson athletics. A lifelong Tigers fan, Ben grew up in Summerville, SC. His path to architect in San Francisco took him from Clemson (Bachelors at CU) to Lawrence, KS (Masters at KU). Ben can't stand the fact that Cody likes Duke basketball, and will stop at nothing to let him know how shameful that is. His favorite Clemson football player of all time is C.J. Spiller and his go-to Clemson bar is Tiger Town Tavern.
Nick Tully (Marketing 2002, French 2002) is the Pawcast's host and elder statesman, and despite his yankee roots (Nick hails from the suburbs of Cleveland, OH -- GO CAVS!), his blood runneth orange. Nick is a new dad and a business analyst for a large tech company. He keeps the show's discussion on-topic, and likes to view Clemson's accomplishments through a national lens. His all-time favorite Tiger is DeAndre "Nuk" Hopkins and his favorite Clemson bar is Backstreets (two words: pizza night).

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