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Season prediction

Posted: Aug 23, 2017 3:26 PM

Now that Kelly Bryant is the starter I'll post my predictions for season.

Kent st. Easy game don't care if who Qb is. 2nd 3rd string in by 2nd half we roll 45-7 W
Auburn- here's the real test to see what Kelly Bryant is made of throwing the ball. I think he's improved some but struggles with the game on the line we lose 20-17 L
Louisville- you know this one could go either way. I feel we can stop Jackson and pull this one out just barely 24-21 W
Boston college- they will play us tough always do. But we got the depth to pull away. Tigers get the win 31-10 W
Virginia tech- this game will be tough and come down to the wire. But overall we got the talent win 31-24 W
Wake forest- we dominate could be a blowout 41-10 W
Syracuse this team will be good. Very solid team but we are a lot better 35-21 W
Georgia tech- I think Brent venables has them figured out. 35-17 W
Nc st- this game is scary and could be a trap. On paper we win it. So I'll say 27-24 W
Fsu- I think fsu will just be better this year. Hopefully I'm wrong but we lose 31-28 L
Citadel- we ain't usuck we blow them out 45-0 W
Usuck- not much to say. There years from even keeping it competitive. We win 38-17 W

So I say 10-2 but I was so close to predicting 8-4. But I'm trying hard to believe in Kelly Bryant that he can throw it and stretch every inch of the feild. Because if he can indeed throw it down feild. Then he will be dangerous running it. Just needs to be a good passer.

Re: Season prediction

Posted: Aug 23, 2017 3:43 PM

I'd recommend you get a book on the basics of college football because your analysis is weak and very shallow! College football, played at the level that the /tigers play at, is all about stopping the other guy. If you can't stop him then it's a shootout and anything can happen. Just so happens that this year the Tigers will have the top 3 defense in the country featuring the top defensive line period. Tanner Muse at safety will make all of the difference in the world with his size, speed and hitting ability. CB's are fine and our LB's are as good as anyone's.

You call the Syracuse game at 35-212 after we shut mother out 56 to zip last year! Really? You say we win in a squeaker at L'ville. Sorry but they lost far more than we did and don't have the recruiting to stay with our Tigers. Jackson will spent the nite in an ice tub recovering from getting body slammed by pour D-Line. Ditto for Auburn's new Wonder Boy. Never played a game against a Defense remotely close to what we have. He's gonna be one sore kid!! FSU in Dearth Valley- I'll take the Tigers even yup for anything you care to wager! Just let me know how much you'd like to wager. Dangerous game in NC State as we always seemed to get hosed there but I believe in K. Bryant and if he performs even reasonably well we go to the playoffs again. The Tigers are far too talented and far too deep to be worried about this schedule.

Finally, in our close games last year our TO ratio was horrible! That will go positive this year and we all win a lot of games on our TO's!

When you're ready to post with some facts let me know. I'm just ordering my seats for Churchill Downs to play there ponies and cover my week up there.

Re: Season prediction

Posted: Aug 23, 2017 4:04 PM

Man ... you seem mad.

By the way, I like his predictions :)

By your logic, Jalen Hurts last year ... after facing High School talent .... should've had a RUDE awakening. Ummm, he was the SEC player of the year. Why? because he's pretty good and had the best talent around him. The "Wonder Boy" has the best talent around him in Blue Jerseys that I've ever seen as an Auburn fan.

Here ... Take this ....

Re: Season prediction

Posted: Aug 23, 2017 4:13 PM

I can't wait until all the hype you Auburn fans have is gone.
The Gus bus will be on its last stop this season.
Y'all might win 9 games this year but more than likely 8-4 or 7-5.
I predict you don't score as much or play as good D as you are hoping for right now.

Re: Season prediction

Posted: Aug 23, 2017 4:05 PM

I believe we go 15-0. We will always have the distinction of being the first team to go 15-0. Back to back championships :)

Go Tigers........Fight Big Cat

Re: Season prediction

Posted: Aug 23, 2017 4:09 PM

I think we beat Auburn and FSU. I think we lose to NC State....the only stain on our season. For some unknown reason, that team plays out of their minds against us.

auburnfan still coming to this board?

Posted: Aug 23, 2017 4:32 PM


Re: Season prediction

Posted: Aug 23, 2017 4:30 PM

CU 42 KSU 14 - Everyone gets to play. A couple of brain farts result in KSU scores. Final yardage totals 535 to 71

CU 35 AU 31 - This is the 2016 UL game all over again. TNet has multiple meltdowns through the night.

CU 24 UL 22 - Not sure how UL gets the odd score of 22, bit somehow they do.

CU 35 BC 14 - Game closer than score indicates.

CU 56 VT 49 - All #£&! breaks lose in a triple overtime Tiger win.

CU 23 WF 10 - Tigers are still mentally drained after VT epic game.

CU 31 SU 17 - Tigers looking forward to bye week.

CU 35 Bye Week 0

CU 63 GT 35 - Use your imagination

CU 24 NCSU 23 - Tigers kick last second field goal to rub more salt in the wound.

CU 42 FSU 38 - See Auburn game above.

CU 52 El Cid 20

CU 33 - USCjr 23 - Bentley actually has a decent game.

CU 24 The U 14 - Tigers a bit physically and mentally drained. Solid workman-like effort.


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