Topic: Reckon Our Coaching Staff Is Motivated By The Doubters?
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Reckon Our Coaching Staff Is Motivated By The Doubters?

Posted: Jul 5, 2019 9:36 PM

I know Coach Swinney always like to say, "we have to be the best version of ourselves"! And, "we have to make sure Clemson don't beat Clemson"! And, my favorite, "windshield mentality, we don't look at what is behind us or what we bumped in the road, just keep pushing to get better"! -Love all those!

But, you know as professionals, men, competitors,peers, etc. All the "excuses" and "reasoning" to what CU has been doing has to touch a nerve! If it doesn't; great for them! I wish I had that ability.

At the end of the day, what some silly SEC-"ond-place" homer thinks is as worthless as used toilet paper! The fact is, not only can Clemson play with those schools; it can and does(often) beat them! But, still all the negative talk. All the dang disrespect.

Our staff seem to be the type of men that have "Good Internal Motivation"! So, outside noise, likely wouldn't affect them. They have personal goals and if achieved; "it's enough"!
But, I can't help but think, they hear all this noise through the grapevine and just every now and then go, "REALLY"!
If nothing else, hopefully it's used by the S & C coaches to help drive the players on those days when, "you just don't feel it"! If you have ever played, lifted weights, done any serious training with your body of any kind you know sometimes - you just don't have it for whatever reason that day.
The new "unproven starters" should already have a chip on their shoulders b/c everyone thinks we fall off with them as starters! Surely they are eager to prove; not only will the team not take a step back; but maybe it took a step forward! Good players - which we have plenty - all believe they have that type ability(to move a team forward). They will all be highly motivated!

I have kind of answered my own question. . . . . . but, "boy a little of this fuel in the tank probably wouldn't hurt"! Just as long as it's not the focus!

Re: Reckon Our Coaching Staff Is Motivated By The Doubters?

Posted: Jul 5, 2019 10:20 PM

Just some quick locker room reading material. ;)

Super thoughts & reasoning.. but

Posted: Jul 5, 2019 10:23 PM

Finebomb ain't gonna like this! LoL

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Only thing less important than score at half time.......

Posted: Jul 5, 2019 10:55 PM

What some mouth breather wanna be says or writes on Internet forum.

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Re: Reckon Our Coaching Staff Is Motivated By The Doubters?

Posted: Jul 6, 2019 12:46 AM

Of course it motivates the coaching staff . They'd say it doesn't , most likely some statement about controlling what they can control or whatever ... but they're human and when people outside of the circle question your abilities or the basis for your success then yes , you get to grinding to show them what you're about and that it wasn't because you were anything else but just plain better .

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Re: Reckon Our Coaching Staff Is Motivated By The Doubters?

Posted: Jul 6, 2019 2:22 PM

I understand what you mean: "they will give the Coach Speak answer; but you know it grinds the gears a bit"!

It's really crazy because the very best in the game currently or recently( Urban Meyer and Nick Saban ) have multiple losses to this staff. One would think that would be enough!

I guess b/c Wake and BC have small stadiums and don't get a bunch of rabid fans asking about their program - i.e. the ACC is not viewed as good - they feel they can knock this teams accomplishments against the best!
Be great to get one this year in some over the top dominant fashion! Oh wait, wait a minute. Seen that before haven't we?

All that crap is like printing free motivational posters

Posted: Jul 6, 2019 3:44 PM

for ALL associated with Clemson football. Just because our guys (at least so far) voluntarily don't post on social media during the season does not mean they don't follow it. They will have a chip on their shoulder the size of a pile of Elephant poop, and look to destroy all in their path. Looking forward to an epic season.

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