Topic: Hunter Johnson-Trevor Lawrence Competition!
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Hunter Johnson-Trevor Lawrence Competition!

Posted: Sep 25, 2018 7:19 PM

So going back to when Hunter Johnson and Zerrick Cooper were here. The KB critics called for one of them to start. Said, "they got ran off b/c the coaching staff choose seniority over most skillfull"! Do you all still feel that way?
Clearly, TL has outplayed KB as a whole this year! The coaching staff has shown(Watson/Stoudt) they would give you a chance to be productive or flop. Maybe you can reconcile some of those mean post directed toward the coaching staff now!
Because if they were clearly better - they would have gotten their shot! And if proven better; they would have taken the job - bottom line.
I think Hunter Johnson would have only started 1 year(L>Y) anyway the way everyone has been clamoring for TL since before he got on campus!
I happen to agree he should be the starter and get most of the 1st team reps in practice. It's a tough gig; the coaches have hard choices to make. Never made easily or w/o regard to who is better for the team. KB starting this year was better for the team!
How would it have gone this year with all those guys still here?

Re: Hunter Johnson-Trevor Lawrence Competition!

Posted: Sep 25, 2018 7:32 PM

How I've always felt about this. They know what they get with the veteran guy. They know what they've seen with the younger guy. Flashes of talent come with any good player, consistently producing a full game every week comes from a GREAT player. Examples, DW4 compared to Tajh. Tajh was a good player, he could go out and light a team like OSU up, but then stumble against USuC. DW4 would have slow moments but never slow games. The coaches can't risk throwing in the young guy who has shown flashes in practice over a guy they know will give you consistent production therefore they ease the process until the younger player doesn't falter and then he wins the position. DW4 and TL for instance. They have had mistakes but not bad games, they lead full drives no longer relying on just the one big play and they open more of the field. Coaches see these players everyday, we see them 12-15 days a year, they know what they're thinking, feeling, and capable of and for that I will always have to trust the coaches decision because I only have seen a smaller sample.

HJ was not as ready asTL early in the year but if he got

Posted: Sep 25, 2018 8:13 PM

more playing time during the year ,he would have given us a better chance to beat Bama. as they would have had to respect the long ball.HJ havd a great arm. Playing ZC was a seniority thing.HJ should have gotten hes time

Re: HJ was not as ready asTL early in the year but if he got

Posted: Sep 25, 2018 8:46 PM

Two awesome answers!

And, I agree! Hunter Johnson had a whale of an arm. I think he is going to make some team very happy(where did he go)?

QB is not unlike any other position. Look at Albert Huggins! He was #167 on the ESPN 300 for 2015 class. He hasn't starred here. He plays some now; his senior year!

Sterling Johnson was ranked ahead of Hugs, Cle, Mark Fields and Austin! Ranked#108 that year. He transferred to Coastal!

The point being: sometimes it don't work out! But, players want to play! Clemson is a tough place to go and start multiple years. You have to be productive and be willing to bring it every week or there is another talent behind you just dying to take your place!

I wish nothing but the best for any of these young guys! They all wanted to be Tigers 1st. It didn't work out and I can't hate them for that.

Go Tigers!

The one Jax game I watched of ZC...

Posted: Sep 25, 2018 8:55 PM

...didn't look so hot. Hope he figured it out and wish him well though.

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Re: The one Jax game I watched of ZC...

Posted: Sep 25, 2018 9:14 PM

Zerrick to me had one attribute and one attribute only. "A Big Arm"! He could spin it with the best of them. But, he was just an okay runner. Not a elite athlete. He did not have real good pocket presence. And most important; he did not have that "calm under pressure" any QB who is going to be good has to have!
But, like you I hope he figures it out. From all I read about him he is a good kid. Wish him nothing but the best! As well as Hunter Johnson! Or any of the kids who made a choice to leave b/c they thought it would better their lives!

Re: The one Jax game I watched of ZC...

Posted: Sep 25, 2018 9:32 PM

TL16 has the arm, legs and a football IQ like no other QB not named DW4. This is why TL16 is the starter and barring injury will break every passing record with those frisbee catching dogs in his huddle. Thanks KB2 for your contribution to Clemson. You’ll always be a Tiger no matter what you don’t going forward.


Posted: Sep 25, 2018 9:48 PM

eaglessoar20021 Really? "Frisbee catching dogs"! Not sure about putting it like that!

No doubt! TL earned the job in my opinion as well! And, I am only a believer in that being the case solid since the GT game. A team like GT has to be put away early. Going 3 and out gives them hope! We don't want our opponents feeling like they have any hope. So early and often. . pound them.

He also makes you feel like we can pick up 3rd and long as opposed to KB who unless they go man and he escapes the pocket you may not make it.

Whish all these guys the best!

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