Topic: Dabo's Keys to Success - There's More to Come
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Dabo's Keys to Success - There's More to Come

Posted: Sep 11, 2019 4:40 PM

Maybe there's another coach somewhere in America who gets it and has all of Swinney's talents and abilities, but right now, none who have developed enough to reach Dabo's level.

Dabo will continue to be successful at a high level. It's very hard to win Natties every year or back-to-back. Extremely difficult, but if anyone has a shot at doing it many times and being right in the thick of it consistently, it's Dabo and his program/culture.

Some of the keys are:

Recruiting his way. CU is maybe the most selective program in the country. Talent has to be there to get an offer, but only if a player checks the character box too. 5-star but want special treatment? No offer. Pass on that guy.

The grind. Players have to buy into the grind every year, or they don't play as much and might even leave. Don't like the grind? Maybe you should transfer.

Having fun. Dabo likes a good time and wants his players to have fun too. Does that mean Swinney won't jump all over you if you go too far? Certainly not. He is perfectly balanced handing out the praise and the love, but the discipline too. Players respect that. A time for fun and a time for hard work.

Focus on the present and future. Just because you win a game or a championship doesn't mean you relax and stop working. What happened yesterday is part of a big picture but means nothing if you slack off or forget the grind. Like he told Trevor Lawrence, "You know you're still gonna have to EARN the starting job next year!"

Caring about his men beyond football. A lot of coaches check that box - and a lot DO NOT. Dabo and his coaches want their players to be successful in football - but more importantly - successful for a lifetime, in anything they do. You can't fake that kind of caring. Coaches either REALLY care, or they REALLY DON'T. There was a video clip - some reporter talking to Dabo when a former player walked by. Swinney stopped a moment to holler at the guy. "Look who just walked up! How's it goin' man? Good. You're saving your money aren't ya?" He's teaching guys that stuff while they're at CU and AFTER they move on. Genuine caring.

Be real. Be who you are. Dabo is Dabo, and he's comfortable in his own skin. Anyone who's like that is happy. He wants his players to be that way too. Just be themselves - don't try to fool people pretending to be one guy in public and another behind closed doors. Phonies and fakers pay a big price sooner or later.

It's a rarity when a guy like Dabo comes along who can do all those things and pull them all together - and be enough of a teacher and leader to make it work. It's very hard work but gratifying if you're the right person.

A final key. Surrounding yourself with like-minded coaches and staff. They've bought in too or the continuity/consistency wouldn't exist. Neither would the success, which seems like it will go on and on.

Like I mentioned at the top - there's more to come.

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Re: Dabo's Keys to Success - There's More to Come

Posted: Sep 11, 2019 4:48 PM


I just hope we don't get screwed by the NCAA. They are a

Posted: Sep 11, 2019 6:02 PM

corrupt bunch.

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Re: I just hope we don't get screwed by the NCAA. They are a

Posted: Sep 11, 2019 6:44 PM

No truer statement has been made related to college athletics and the governing of same.

Makes you wonder whose is watching the NCAA and just how bad the cheating really is with millions of dollars involved. Officials have a great deal of control over the final outcome of a game. Especially the point spread. The SEC is in progress of or has completed an independent audit of their officials. So far I have not seen any improvement. Makes one question who in on the money and whose is legit????! I would like to see that audit. Every conference should audit their officials after every season and it should be made public.

In regards to officials control over the point spread of a game here are a couple of great examples during our game Saturday against A&M. I think the spread holds if the officials make obvious calls. In the last minute of the game with A&M moving the ball, an A&M player held and then tackled a Clemson defensive player who could have had an impact on the play. It was so obvious that I don’t see how the officials missed it. The same goes for the replay review of the out of bounds pass. On the last drive again involving a Texas A&M player. The receiver’s foot was clearly on the out of bounds line.

Officials are given so many tools to help them do a much better job and get the calls correct but yet they still incorrectly miss too many calls that are reviewed. IMO officials miss way to many calls that are obvious and have an impact on the final score. Especially, with all the technology they have.

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