Topic: "Wannabe" fans
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Replies: 8  

"Wannabe" fans

Posted: Nov 29, 2014 8:18 AM

Every school has them, fans that did not go there or graduate from there.

What percentage do most big schools have?

The Wannabe fans always seem to be the worst, most obnoxious, arrogant fans of all.

I attend clemson and you're still a self important jackarse.

Posted: Nov 29, 2014 8:25 AM

I think your looking for the word alumni or student, fan is anyone who pulls for a team.

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you should just***

Posted: Nov 29, 2014 8:26 AM

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"Clemson has been historically better than Carolina. That's pretty obvious." - Classof09

"No one knew we were overhyped until the season started." - Classof09

As a "Wannabe" fan.....

Posted: Nov 29, 2014 9:08 AM

I politely invite you to kiss my A$$!!!!! I've been a "wannabe" fan since the mid 70's. I would have loved to have attended Clemson, but there this issue called money. So I chose to serve some time in the Army. Whether I attended Clemson or not has never changed the fact I pull for Clemson in everything they do. I may be obnoxious at time, but no more obnoxious than your trolling coot A$$!!! And certainly no more obnoxious than a coot that rides the coattails of other $EC schools to prop up their crappy program!!! Take a fricking hike #######. Nobody wants or needs you here!!!!

My apologies to the management for attacking the above coot. I know it's in violation of the rules. Just had to do it! Go Tigers!!!!!

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Oh no, not this sh!t again

Posted: Nov 29, 2014 9:13 AM

We are playing our rivals, not sure which team shows up, our coaches are dropping us like we have Ebola. So, I respectfully ask, why bring this alumni crap up again unless you are a stupid coot. That's the only type that would bring this crap up on this of all days. Please, go away and leave us alone!

Any man or woman who stands with my Tigers is welcome

Posted: Nov 29, 2014 9:13 AM

I look to the dedication, not just the diploma, before I join them in a foxhole for the fight.

And any man or woman who denigrates the courage or character of those who proudly stand and fight for my Tigers may kiss the back end of my snake.

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Amen, Rev,!!***

Posted: Nov 29, 2014 9:16 AM


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"It is not part of a true culture to tame tigers any more than it is to make sheep ferocious."
--Henry David Thoreau

Re: "Wannabe" fans

Posted: Nov 29, 2014 9:14 AM

How do you disagree with someone like you, nothing is based on facts, just your opinion. However as a definition fan is a supporter of a team or person, usually a spectator. As fans of Clemson there are other fans we enjoy be associated with and some we do not. For me you are the later.
I graduated from Clemson, knew and went to a few events with RC Edwards and Moon Pie, you do not get to define me, or the other people wearing Clemson Orange. They define themselves, as you are defining yourself.
Who you are, I do nor care to know.
To everyone else, please enjoy Clemson beating usc today.

There are some wannabe fans, regardless of whether or not

Posted: Nov 29, 2014 9:15 AM

they attended Clemson. Also, there are plenty of good ones. It's loyalty that counts!

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"It is not part of a true culture to tame tigers any more than it is to make sheep ferocious."
--Henry David Thoreau

Replies: 8  


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