Topic: does Ok st jump ND or Alabama if they finish undefeated
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Replies: 6  

does Ok st jump ND or Alabama if they finish undefeated

Posted: Nov 18, 2015 9:23 AM

I was really surprised that all the talk on the show was on Oklahoma and Iowa. I understand Iowa as they control their own destiny being undefeated. They win out, they take Oh St spot and oh st drops out. Ok st wins out against Baylor and Ok then they finish undefeated which creates a dilemma. Do they leave-out an undefeated team? Which 1 loss team do you take out?

Alabama- wins: 15 LSU, 25 Wisc (could lose to NW this week and finish unranked)
loss: 22 Ole miss at home (could finish unranked as well playing LSU and @Miss st)
Other out of conference: MTSU, ULM, and CHSO
statement games remaining: 8 Fl (SEC Championship)

ND- wins: 24 USC (plays Ore this week, loss probably drops them from polls) 16 Navy (plays Hou
next week)
loss: 1 Clemson
statement games remaining: 11 Stanford

Other games that may influence Alabama resume:
1. fl vs fl st - fl st win diminishes SEC championship win for Alabama probably meaning both of NDs wins would be higher (16 Navy and 11 Stanford of course Stanford would drop some from loss to ND)
2. Ole miss vs LSU, Miss St- Ole Miss beats LSU (would be 3rd loss) hurting Alabamas best win and then Ole Miss losing to Miss st making Ole Miss a 4 loss possibly unranked team that beat Alabama

I dont see with all the SEC bias any normal team jumping Alabama but ND is not a normal team. ND is every bit as a household name brand as Alabama. Both teams often get the benefit of the doubt over others deserved or not. This would be a real paradox for all the talking heads, which media darling do you eliminate. I assume eSECpn would tow the company line and promote Alabama, but there would be a lot of influence from the ND side.

Regardless, if this happened, there would be a huge push to move to 8 teams.

IMO...yes...they do***

Posted: Nov 18, 2015 9:25 AM

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Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

no doubt

Posted: Nov 18, 2015 9:30 AM

If OK St wins out, they are in. They probably jump ND.

Unless the audience grows the PO will not expand.

Posted: Nov 18, 2015 9:44 AM

The market is saturated, there's no source for more money to fund another 4 games. We have three games now. That number would more than double with eight teams. That means 7 games to fund. Think of the average fan's dilemma facing a possible three post season games to attend.

ESPiN's bottom line is in the crapper and has been for two consecutive quarters. They are cutting back on salaries, promoting beat reporters to 'guest expert analyst,' on their college football programs and losing staff in every level. They can't promote anything that increases overhead.

The power five commissioners don't want to cut the lower ranked conferences in on a bigger cut of the finite income from the Playoffs by giving them a right to participate in the system. That's a smaller cut of a slightly bigger pie. Never happens in business!

Give it up.

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how did you take a take away line at the end of the post

Posted: Nov 18, 2015 9:56 AM

and make it the main issue. That comment was in jest due that if either ND or Bama was left out eSECpn and the followers of each school would be calling for it. I agree, I dont think it would actually happen, but dont kid yourself that the talking heads wouldnt be discussing it whether it was a real possibility or not.

The main question is who would Ok st replace, Bama or ND?

Let's remember, Long said last night that Alabama was

Posted: Nov 18, 2015 10:34 AM

talked about as jumping us for the #1 spot this week! I can't see how anybody can knock them out of the #2 spot. I could even see Oh St jumping them to #1 and us falling to #3, if all three win out.

Re: does Ok st jump ND or Alabama if they finish undefeated

Posted: Nov 18, 2015 10:48 AM

Good analysis ... I appreciate it.

Now ...

my opinion ...

Alabama is likely to be a 12-1 team and in the playoff.
Notre Dame at 11-1 is in, and I expect that will be their record.

Pac12 is out ... already ... even an 11-2 Stanford team is out.

Houston even at 13-0 is out. Strange. I expect Navy to beat them anyway.

Now the problem starts.
A Big 12 team is in barring some super strange everyone-win/everyone-beat-everyone scenario over the next few weeks. Even a 10-1-1 Oklahoma team is in (OT w/Tenn) ... 11-1 Baylor, TCU or 11-0-1 OK State are easier to project as in. As said above, barring something strange, one of those records will happen and the Big 12 will have a playoff team.

I think the Big Ten will be left out. Iowa will lose to either Ohio State or Michigan State and will be out. A 12-1 Michigan State squad will be attractive but their win over Michigan will make the committee look at them as an 11-2 team. Ohio State could easily finish 10-2, but I expect 11-1. I expect the Buckeyes loss will be to Michigan State and they will remain 11-1 ... and out. Should their one loss be to Michigan and they finish 12-1, the ACC champion will need to be 13-0 to beat them out.

A 12-1 ACC champ beats out a 12-1 Iowa team and also a 12-1 Michigan State team ... but not a 12-1 Ohio State team. The ACC champ must/should be 13-0 or will likely be leaving too much to the pleasure of the committee.

CLEMSON ... no let up ... please, no let up.


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