Topic: Tonight's game and ACC tourney seedings......
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Tonight's game and ACC tourney seedings......

Posted: Mar 5, 2013 3:19 PM

Currently the ACC standings look like this, with remaining games in parentheses:

1) Miami 14-2 (GT,CU)
2) Duke 12-4 (VT, at UNC)
3) UNC 11-5 (at MD, Duke)
4) UVA 10-6 (at FSU, MD)
5) NCSU 10-6 (Wake, at FSU)
6) MD 8-8 (UNC, at UVA)
7) FSU 7-9 (UVA, NCSU)
8) Clemson 5-11 (BC, at Miami)
9) BC 5-11 (at CU, GT)
10) GT 5-11 (at Miami, at BC)
11) Wake 5-11 (at NCSU, VT)
12) VT 4-12 (at Duke, at Wake)

- As you can see, we are in a 4 way tie for 8th place, but own the tiebreaker due to a 3-1 record against those opponents (BC is 2-1, GT is 2-2 and Wake is 1-4).

- A win tonight likely locks up the 8 spot and basically ensures at least the 9 spot, assuming that none of those 4 teams is capable of winning their last 2. We would be 4-1 against that group and most tiebreaking scenarios would work in our favor since we swept GT and Wake.

- Of the teams we're in the tie with, it looks like most will split their remaining games. I think we'll beat BC and lose to Miami. Wake will lose at State and beat VT at home. GT will lose to Miami. The BC-GT game is a toss-up, but likely BC wins at home.

- A loss tonight followed by a loss at Miami throws the door open for a number of other scenarios. I'd just rather assume that we'll figure out a way to get this one and not worry about it.

- Miami pretty much has the top spot on lockdown. Likely we'll play either BC or GT in the 8/9 game...probably whoever wins their game this weekend. Wake could throw a wrench into things if they managed to beat State on the road and then beat VT, but that is doubtful. At this point, I think we'll see the winner of GT vs BC in the 8/9 game. Most of the other spots above us are virtually locked in, unless there are major upsets this week.

- Truth be told, I'd probably rather deal with Miami than Duke in a Friday game. Can we beat GT a third time or beat BC again? I think so. Then we can take our chances against Miami and see what happens.

- Hope the Tigers come through tonight! Been a long season, but this is one of those games they need to win to at least have some sort of positivity going into the tournament and the off-season.

Good post---thanks for the info!***

Posted: Mar 5, 2013 3:27 PM

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Nice work, gotta take care of BC and we're ok***

Posted: Mar 5, 2013 3:30 PM

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I predict we finish

Posted: Mar 5, 2013 3:40 PM

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Re: Tonight's game and ACC tourney seedings......

Posted: Mar 5, 2013 4:33 PM

I think everyone underestimates the effect of the loss of McDaniels on our team the last few games. I thought we had a chance against UNC until I heard he was not going to play, at which point I became very concered about our prerimeter defense. He is our only true small forward, and he has a skill set no other player on our team comes close to having--freakish athleticism, ability to drive and finish at the basket, spectacular put backs, blocking shots and perimeter defense. He makes the types of plays that can energize a team. With him, we take out BC at home, no problem. Without him, we could lose this game, unless we get some good play from unexpected sources. That's my take.


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