Topic: If Chase Young gets a "reduced" suspension
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If Chase Young gets a "reduced" suspension

Posted: Nov 10, 2019 10:26 AM

If OHST's defensive "Player of the Century" gets an expected 4-game suspension for receiving a loan from a "family friend" - and, on appeal, has that reduced to a 2-game suspension - I think I might lose it. But we ARE dealing with the "mortal god version of college sports" - the NCAA. And "god's" ways are higher than ours. Nothing would surprise.

But imagine - CU gets 2 players suspended for a "trace amount" of Ostarine" for the '18 Playoffs (& 1 of those lost for all of 2019 - appeals lost), and Chase Young were to win an appeal and only miss 2 games instead of 4 for getting an alleged "loan" from an alleged family friend (a.k.a. - bagman).

That would be yet more evidence that the the slimy NCAA is blueblood biased, like G-Tech basketball getting hammered & the UNC "phony classes" scandal getting ignored. So we'll see.

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Re: If Chase Young gets a "reduced" suspension

Posted: Nov 10, 2019 12:12 PM

A trace amount of Ostarine = 1 full year

A 'trace amount' of a loan = 2 games

Sadly that's typical ncaa logic.

Re: If Chase Young gets a "reduced" suspension

Posted: Nov 10, 2019 1:01 PM

I would just love to have things published in regards to the investigation and appeal so that we could judge for ourselves. If things are as they are portrayed by Young and Ohio State, then I would actually be OK with a 2 game suspension.

I just don't trust Young or Ohio State. I also don't trust the NCAA to ask certain questions that should be asked.

1) There is supposedly documentation for the loan. Can it be proven that the documentation was not back dated? Notarized signature, electronic time stamp, etc. I know these things can be faked, but there could also be slip ups that should have the potential for much more severe penalties.

2) The loan was supposedly for travel expenses for his girlfriend to go to the Rose Bowl. Why didn't she get the loan? Does she have a credit card that she could have put it on? Did she have family or a "close family friend" that could have paid for it? I agree with the old fashion idea of the guy paying for things, but if she had means then it would make me question if that was what the money was for.

3) Is there proof that the loan was paid back? Checks or money orders could be shown with bank records.

4) Was interest charged, and were terms set for late payment or default? If it was just pay it back when and if you can then the loan seems much more questionable.

5) When and how did OSU find out about this? I saw one suggestion that OSU has known about this, was expecting a 2 game suspension, and timed the disclosure to coincide with the scheduling of Maryland and Rutgers. If that proved to be the case then OSU has knowingly played a player that they knew to be ineligible. Wins should be vacated and there should be additional penalties for OSU.

I don't know what the details are, and as I said, I would be ok with a 2 game suspension, if the OSU spin was accurate. It's just sad that few, believe that the NCAA would concern themselves with the truth, much less address it fairly.

Re:Chase Young - pls leave him a "LOAN"

Posted: Nov 10, 2019 1:39 PM



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