Topic: Gotta be vunerable for a minute, guys.
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Gotta be vunerable for a minute, guys.

Posted: Nov 25, 2012, 3:59 AM

Tonight, my heart is hurting, and it shouldn't.

That's right, it shouldn't.

I, along with countless others (us and them included), have let this rivalry become too much a part of my life. It seems like daily we are reminded that so much more matters in life and yet we treat these games like an end-all, be-all of football.

Before I go any further, let me prove my loyalty undoubtedly being questioned right now: Tonight, as I ran onto Frank Howard Field and sang a teary-eyed alma mater with my overall-clad brothers and sisters, the realization hit that as the senior Tigers walk off the field tonight without having beaten that team, so would I, as I prepare for graduation in the coming months. I've spent the best years of my life at an institution that I wouldn't betray on my life, and I've made some great memories, but I join the graduating class of 2013 0-4 against that team.

Ya'll think about that for a minute. 0-4.

Who among us was around to witness this debacle back in the 50's? Who was among that graduating class that walked having endured the obnoxious crowing rambling our way?

Further more, and back to my point, even after the jeering, the molestation of our Death Valley for a second time in a row, the ridicule we will face heading back to work on Monday, why do we let this game get to us so much? I, like many of you, log onto this site, and it seems like on a daily basis, someone comes on here with a prayer request or some problem in their life that knocks us back to reality that even this game against our rival is just that, a game.

I'm so shocked, so depressed... there is no way I'm turning my phone on for a few days, defenitely not checking facebook, and sure as he11 not watching espn, and even as I sit here and question our obsession with football, I do these things.


I know this is basically a pity party full of lamentation and somberness, a call to mourning for our senior players, but I should have the realization that THIS IS JUST A GAME.

It sure as heck don't feel like just a game, though.

I'll be taking a sabbatical from posting on Tigernet for a while, mainly because anything else I post will be as depressing and erratic as this post, but also becuase I want to get back some perspective, I want to return to the point that football doesn't take hold of my spare time. Even as it should, it shouldn't hurt this bad.

It burns my soul to say it because I'm so angry, so let down, but my pride is blind, my loyalty unwavering, even to a fault, and I will ALWAYS be a Tiger.

Go Tigers.

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Re: Gotta be vunerable for a minute, guys.

Posted: Nov 25, 2012, 4:32 AM

I too will allow myself to be vunerable.
Many of you have labeled me a coot because of some of my comments.And I don't have a problem with that!
The problem I have is being set up to be let down again.
Another year of no BCS Bowl,another year of having to listen to crap from the coots,possibly another year of finishing outside the top 10.
But here is the flip side,and it is even worse than what I just described.
Next year,I am going to hear it all over again from some of you.I will read the talk of a N.C. or an undefeated season,about how we are unappreciated,why we are not higher in the polls,etc.etc.
The thing is ,as some of you have said before ,just win baby,just win.
And we did win.We had a 10-2 regular season.But again it was a season with out a quality win against a top 10 team,let alone a top 25( and please don't include Auburn in that argument).
I do not think we have beaten a top 10 team at any time in Dabo's tenure( and if we have please correct me).
How do you expect to be a top 10 contender when you beat up on the likes of Wake(which got hammered by Vandy),or by beating a Tech team that got pounded by Georgia,which lost to the coots who pounded us tonite.(And make no mistake about it.We got pounded).
So here is my take,and I know it will fall on deaf ears.
Please ,next season when you view the schedule,you open with an SEC opponent,and close with one.Would be nice to say we not only had a 10 win regular season,but that we could actually beat two SEC teams in one season.Win that first game,and maybe you can talk about getting this program back to a level of respect we do not get because we are in the crappy ACC.But that is only one game.
So please no talk of a National Championship,or undefeated season,or even preseason rankings.
Let's take our season one game at a time.
I don't want another let down.


Re: Gotta be vunerable for a minute, guys.

Posted: Nov 25, 2012, 5:30 AM

As a Gamecock that is how I had to look at the rivalry... for my health if nothing else. I remember watching the 2006 loss with my soon-to-be wife (last minute FG win for Clemson). It was the first time she had seen me at one of these games.

We were at a restaurant with some friends from both schools, and as the final seconds ticked off the clock I put her hand on my chest so that she could feel how fast my heart was racing, just how seriously I took this game. What happened next set the tone for future games.

I expected her to respond with some kind of, "Wow, this means a lot to you, doesn't it?" Instead she looks at me with this confused smile and says, "Really? Over football? Are you kidding me...?"

Took 28 years of life for someone to set me straight, and I am so glad that she did. Don't get me wrong... I still pull for my team, and I am still disappointed when we lose. But now I can just walk over to the TV and turn it off, realizing that there are bigger things in life.

I'm not sure what I expect to accomplish by posting all of this. I suppose that I just want to let you know that what you're feeling has been felt by people on both sides. You can be intense about this rivalry without letting it become all consuming. Me... I'll talk a little smack for 5-6 minutes post game, but then it's over. Because it isn't like I was out there on the field doing anything to help my team win, you know?


Wise words from a worthy opponent. Congratulations.***

Posted: Nov 25, 2012, 5:53 AM

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I know how you feel, CUTIGR62, as this was the 48th

Posted: Nov 25, 2012, 5:51 AM

game since my freshman year. Think of that: 48 Clemson/South Carolina games...and some on TigerNet have experienced more. You'll learn as you get older to keep things in perspective, although that doesn't mean you won't or shouldn't be excited about these type of games. Am I upset about the loss? Of course, but then again, I'm upset about any loss. Am I going to crawl in some hole, fearful of ribbing or smack talk? No...because we've lost before and will lose in the future...and in the case of our opposition to the Gamecocks, both teams will win and lose the rivalry game in the future. The important lesson is to consider all the responsibilities in your life...and learn to keep sporting events in a proper perspective.

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Re: Gotta be vunerable for a minute, guys.

Posted: Nov 25, 2012, 6:08 AM

Anybody can ride the bandwagon of a winner. Getting ones ### kicked repeatedly has a way of causing reflection, i.e dealing with the pain. Over time one learns to deal with it without reflecting like a #####. Football, i.e competition is not a diversion from reality. Competitive fire is an inherent trait worthy of our every fiber. One either wants to win or doesn't care, that's the question you must answer. Doesn't matter if it's football or a job you want or a beautiful girl. Winning and losing is the reality of life.


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