Topic: Odd RB rotation tonight, and other thoughts.
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Odd RB rotation tonight, and other thoughts.

Posted: Sep 18, 2015 12:35 AM

1) If I'm not mistaken only Davidson, Watson, and Gallman ran the ball. I'm confused as to why Davidson is getting touches and not Brooks, Dye, or Fuller?

2) Overall sub rotations were much tighter than I can remember. I know we played a lot of guys the first two games, but we subbed a lot last year. Not so tonight.

3) Louisville is and is not better than their record. I expect them to right the ship, and soon.

4) We need a go to WR.

5) Very different play calling tonight. It's the first time you can tell CM isn't the OC. Still, I thought it was decent play calling, but execution was off.

6) Don't know how worried I should be about the WR getting past McKensie(once). For now I'll chalk it up to a fluke thing. Tankersley looked good though. We could have our best pair of DBs since Hill and Miller.

7) How well conditioned is our D?! End of the game, the three man rush did the job. I was very impressed with Dodd and Lawson.

8) This OLine could be the one to rise above. For the first time since DS took the job I believe we have talent along the OLine. They need to stay healthy/grow up quick, but they will be special.

9) Kickoffs...Lakip will fix that.

10) DWatson. He needed tonight. He needed to fight and scratch his way to a win. Beating up Wofford and App St doesn't build character. Beating UL in PJS, on a Thursday when everything is a bit off, does.

11) The refs...whether is was the horrid personal foul calls on Lawson, the no call holding when the OT tackled Kearse, the face mask on DW, or the holding call on Tankersley, part of tonight was about overcoming the stripes. Probably won't be the last time either. #RonCherry

12) Great road win. And I'm glad we get a few weeks to get healthy and prep for ND. From here out every game is big.

#4 Any chance Mike Williams comes back for

Posted: Sep 18, 2015 12:49 AM

the Notre Dame game?
#5 I'm not too thrilled about the slow developing QB draw play when we need 3 yards.Seems giving Watson more than one option would be to his strength.

I believe MW is out of the season.

Posted: Sep 18, 2015 9:13 AM

And the slow draw play doesn't seem to be a good idea on 3rd. You're right.

You're right. You can tell CM isn't the OC.

Posted: Sep 18, 2015 12:50 AM

He would've abandoned the run midway through the second half. Kudos to the OC for keeping with the run throughout the game.

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