Topic: "Not" Another ACC Is Weak Thread!
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"Not" Another ACC Is Weak Thread!

Posted: Jan 17, 2019 10:24 PM

There are those who get on anything regarding the ACC and ensure the rest of us know they can care less about conference teams! Bam, insert your data here - - - - - - - But, understand this at least, it's not about the conference! It's about changing the ignorant narrative 1 mind at a time; slowly but surely.
Clemson dominating the SEC beast/big brother/bully/big-bad-bama goes a long way in doing that. To be clear: I don't give a rats - - - what other ACC schools not named Clemson do or don't do! But, I do get this: "college poll and CFP committee members DO CARE"!
The ACC @ 6-5 had a winning record. Above .500
The SEC was 6-6 at .500

I've seen it said on here: "the #'s are skewed"! Well, yeah! Again, we are talking perception. This is also not new. In 2016-2017 bowl season the ACC was 9-3 by far the most wins.

It's really only important b/c of "benefit of the doubt" purposes! SEC squads can win 10-7(bama/Tenn a few years ago) and it's all good b/c the competition is perceived to be so stiff. But, they were awful that year(TN). Voters all but write teams not from the SEC off if they don't win by two TD's or better. It's a false narrative! It's blatantly unfair! And folks need to start getting out the house and watching something other than Gary Danielson and Verne talk about "you won't get away with that in this conference"! Propoganda!

The whole thought is: our best is the best b/c everybody is good argument gets debunked quite often; but the hype machine is so strong. FSU another ACC squad has won a NC since another SEC team not named Bama has! Recent history! In fact, they beat "ye ole mighty SEC Auburn" on the football field to do so(FSU).

I'm hoping the ACC hype machine can curve some of the junk about that really good conference. I think top to bottom "it is the best"! But, it does not deserve the hype b/c the separation is not nearly as substantial as it is made to be. In fact, only the SEC has put more players in the NFL over the last 5 years than the ACC.

I blame ACC programs too for this! Simple math - you can get what 15, 18, 000 in a coliseum. You have football stadiums that can hold over 100, 000 out there. The money difference in the money made by football and basketball is "Probably - IDK so don't quote me" significant! They have access to good football players! Those programs need to invest more in stadiums and coaching to help change the narrative as well!

Out of juice for this rant! Go Clemson Tigers! My team! If the rest of the ACC can't or refuses to invest in catching up: so be it! But - even as sucky as they are - the numbers suggest it's mostly propoganda about the SEC and Big 10 being superior football conferences.

Re: "Not" Another ACC Is Weak Thread!

Posted: Jan 17, 2019 10:51 PM

Until we pay off (or sell out) to Disney the narritaive will remain the the same

Re: "Not" Another ACC Is Weak Thread!

Posted: Jan 18, 2019 8:49 AM

Excellent write up!

My thoughts exactly for quite some time, thank you for putting this out there.

It is amazing how powerful propaganda truly is, essentially brainwashing the masses.

Re: "Not" Another ACC Is Weak Thread!

Posted: Jan 18, 2019 9:18 AM

Here is the problem...

The ACC "powers" are weak save for the Tigers. We you have FSU and Miami being under .500 combined (5-7 and 7-6), you have a week conference. When the "second tier" is also sub .500 aka VaTech, GaTech, and foprmally the L losing to non-power 5 teams in comical fashion, ACC is weak. It did not make it any better than the Coastal was won by a 7-5 (later 7-7) Pitt team that got pounded by anyone outside the coastal. What was our pre-November OOC record? A lot of Ls, and worse, a lot of high profile blowouts. The only teams with good OOC wins were Duke... and just Duke.

The only team with a pulse was the 'Cuse and while they were good, the ND (without Dungy) showed that they were not top status. Worse, because they were not FSU or Miami or VT, being 10-3 is kinda suspect in the "public media". They would be talking about "dey bak" if it was Miami even if it was their trainwreck of a season.

If you remove Clemson for a sec, they rest of the conference is bad... not AAC bad but it would make the PAC12 look epic.

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