Topic: New Story: The ACC? It still has work to do
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Replies: 11  

New Story: The ACC? It still has work to do

Posted: Jun 28, 2014 12:15 PM

The ACC? It still has work to do

The ACC is considered by many to be the weakest of the power five conferences, and with the dawn of the four-team playoff needs to increase its reputation nationally. How does it do that? It will take more than Clemson and Florida St. Photo by Rich Barnes / US PRESSWIRE Full Story »

yes but we are the 3rd or 4th best basketball conference!

Posted: Jun 28, 2014 12:19 PM

swoffie is the man! He has taken the acc/unc to great heights!

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In the SEC, athletes can remain freshmen for 4 years

Posted: Jun 28, 2014 12:39 PM

Not so at Clemson and the ACC where athletes have to make academic progress toward a degree AS they maintain their GPA. Until the academic situation is equalized, the SEC will dominate in the arena of athletic competition. Separately, I still cannot get past my visceral dislike of Swofford, UNC, and the Tobacco Road leadership that has applied a double-standard toward us at least since the 1980's. Until Swofford is gone, ACC will equal "dumpster fire". I wish we would remove all ACC labeling from fields, courts, and uniforms. The paw is enough.

How close is Swofford to retiring? He's close to 70

Posted: Jun 29, 2014 11:28 AM

And I was in a conversation at the end of this year's FB season with someone who thinks Radakovich sees the commissioner spot as his final job. I wonder......

Re: New Story: The ACC? It still has work to do

Posted: Jun 28, 2014 12:46 PM

I agree the ACC has work to do but double digit wins is a horrible measuring stick. Yes other conferences have bottom feeders but two years ago the SECs bottom 6 teams went 30+ and 0 against the top. That is 5-6 all but automatic wins for those teams. Add that to the 3-4 lowly OOC opponents and you have an easy road to 10 wins. I understand bama and LSU should win against the bottom of the league, but those teams have to put up a fight against the average teams.


Swoff didn't get ND in football; he gave in to their demands

Posted: Jun 28, 2014 12:48 PM

Now we get their mediocre basketball and baseball teams
but not their historic football team. Having been there
in '79, an away ACC game at Notre Dame would be great as
well as a home ACC game. Go ahead and put them in the
Atlantic Division with FSU, Clemson, Louisville, etc.

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SEC #1, PAC 12 #2, but after that the ACC

Posted: Jun 28, 2014 3:20 PM

Could easily be #3.


Posted: Jun 28, 2014 5:33 PM

The ACC is going through a process of getting better. FSU and Clemson have established themselves during the past 3 years and will remain top tier as long as we keep winning 10+.

Louisville will likely make some noise this year, but 2015 will be the year for Petrino to have that program knocking on the door. Miami should continue to post more wins each year until they win the Coastal which will become stronger with NC and whoever else separates their team from the pack.

It's easy to see the possibility of 5 or 6 ACC teams in the top 25 in the 2015 season.

Re: The

Posted: Jun 28, 2014 8:24 PM

The Noles are better than 90% of the SEC already , and Alabama is really the only team that has the level of talent they possess roster wide. Clemson is better than 60% of the SEC and could easily compete and do well in that league ...especially in the east which is weaker by far than the west.
UNC/LOUISVILLE and Miami are about what I would call on UT/TAMU and SCAR levels.
If you ask me we are not as bad as everyone tries to say , or more succinctly as ESecPN would have America believes.

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We have 16 double digit win seasons

Posted: Jun 29, 2014 7:17 AM

If you count Pitt, Louisville, and ND.


Re: New Story: The ACC? It still has work to do

Posted: Jun 29, 2014 8:13 AM

The ACC has the potential to be a really good conference, but several programs need to get back to recruiting & playing the way they're capable of. Miami & VT are the main ones, but teams like UVA, Pitt, Syracuse, GT, BC, UNC & NCSt have had some really good teams in the past--as recently as the '90s. Most of those teams failed to invest in the facilities it takes to compete in CFB these days and have suffered the consequences.

Re: New Story: The ACC? It still has work to do

Posted: Jun 29, 2014 9:24 PM

Force Notre Dame to join the conference and bring in stronger football schools instead of basketball schools


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