Topic: My spring experience
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My spring experience

Posted: Apr 8, 2019 10:59 AM

I live too far away to make it to a lot of Clemson sporting contests so I like to plan ahead when I do.   I was really ,really excited to see the Clemson Springs Practice this year with the rest of my 30,000 bandwagon fans .   I thought it best to book everything in advance.   I read on here all the time about how Tnet is 1 of the more reliable places to get tickets so I found a nice person willing to sell me Spring Practice tickets for  $70;  only  $5 above face.


I thought I was in the clear when the guys at the gates just let me walk in but When I got to the game some ahole grandmas were already sitting in my seats.  I told em to go knit scarfs somewhere else.  They refused to move even after I showed them my tickets. I didn’t want to risk breaking my probation by going fistacups on these old bags so I let it slide and left.  I needed to regroup so me and the fam went to get some pizza. Soon as I sat down some driver came busting through the door complaining about getting a crappy tip for delivering a lot of pizzas to some cokks. I told her that is what she gets delivering to ghey pron sites.   She didn’t take my advice well.  I was afraid I’d get some snotchovies in my pizza so we packed up and got some food elsewhere.


As we were walking to find a new restaurant one of those nice fellows with the “I need ticket”  signs shouted “need tickets”. I walked up to him and told him I also was scammed and needed tickets.  He said he didn’t need tickets but was selling them.  I was going to argue with him about how confusing his marketing strategy was, but at the point I didn’t care.


He said he had plenty of top deck north tickets available for me and my 7 kids so we could all sit together.  He sold them to me at a discount cause the spring practice had already started. I nabbed all 8 for only $200.  They looked strangely like 2 fer 1 Crossandwich coupons but I was so desperate at this point that I didn’t care.    I threw a couple benjamins at him, grabbed the tickets and hauled ice back to the practice.


When I go there some butmunch with I?theRAG bumper sticker   had takin my spot.  I had to jump a curve which tore off the front bumper on my 88 Chevy Berreta.   I said fork it, ill deal with it later.  When I got to the top deck there was no1 in my seat. Those “I need tikcets”  guys get a bad rep on here.  They seem ok to me.


We watched the Spring Practice and there was some fat white dude on the field standing next to Dabo and Desmond Howard all day. I couldn’t tell who it was from so far away, but I assume this is the guy who ordered all the pizzas.    The only drawback was there were no dippin dots in the top deck. I had to send little geeville tiger and his brother more little geeville tiger to the bottom deck to get dipping dots.   They dropped some of the dipping dots on the way back so littlest geeville tiger didn’t get no dipping dots. Little bassterd broke my Ataric 2600 paddle and I can’t play Kaboom anymore; so fork him.   All the other ari weather fans disappeard at half so I was able to move back down to my original seats.


Anyway, the game went well and we had a good time. 


I had enough Flexseal tape to get the bumper reattached to my car.  We arrived at the KOA just in time to set up my pop up camper before dark.   I picked a spot close to the baffroom so I would have a short walk to the shower. That was a mistake…. I had to smell KOA poop all night. I had to drink a vase of Nattydaddies to get through the night. I was glad to peel rubber outta that sheethole.


We got back to Greenville around 2 pm.  The tape on my bumper held up well and the mechanic said it was going to be $1200 to fix it. I just spent all my money on the spring practice so the tape will just have to hold longer. Overall it was a miserable trip which is typical for our family vacations. Still… it was well worth it to see my Tigers practice.

Re: My spring experience

Posted: Apr 8, 2019 11:07 AM

Pics of old ladies or it didn't happen.

I was with you until you misspelled Dippin’ Dots

Posted: Apr 8, 2019 11:07 AM

You idjit coot


Re: My spring experience

Posted: Apr 8, 2019 11:26 AM


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My prayer....

Posted: Apr 8, 2019 11:31 AM

dear Lord, help never to waste as much time on T'Net as GeeVille... Amen.

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Re: My spring experience

Posted: Apr 8, 2019 11:32 AM

I had to wait and quit laughing before i could respond. You nailed it and everything from tnet!!!!

Just forgot one thing- how crappy our baseball team is and Monte doesn’t have a clue who we have in the bullpen. +1 mil!!!!

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