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Mr. Tiger and Mr. Coot

Posted: Jan 30, 2019 3:51 PM

Farmer Brown was the owner and operator of Brown Farms, a highly successful agricultural enterprise. A graduate of Clemson University, he was a loyal supported of IPTAY and all aspects of the University. Like most farms, there were all sorts of animals including his prized flock of chickens, all descendants of his prized rooster, Mr. Tiger. Mr. Tiger was a proud old bird and like his owner, was "all in" when it came to anything Clemson. Mr. Tiger did not alert members of the farm each morning doing his duty as the family alarm by the usual "Cock-a doodle-do". He would have nothing to do with that. He proudly proclaimed the morning hour by his own "Tiger-doodle-do".

Mr. Tiger had been a long time member of the Brown Farm chicken lot. Every hen in the lot respected Mr. Tiger and their happy clucking and egg production was a clear indication he had performed his duties in a most admirable way. Farmer Brown, realizing Mr. Tiger was reaching the age where he may not be able to continue his chicken yard duties, thought it was time for him to enjoy the glorious days of retirement.

Farmer Brown began his search for a new young rooster but his search was mosre difficult than he had expected. The only place where a rooster was available was a farm near Columbia and to make matters worse, the farm was owned by a UofSC graduate. But having no other choice he selected a nice looking young rooster and made his way back to his farm.

Arriving back at his farm, Mr. Brown released the new rooster in the chicken yard, much to the dismay of Mr. Tiger. Well, Mr. Tiger knew he had a problem when he saw the hens eye-balling the new rooster and fluttering their eye lashes. In the meantime, Farmer Brown, much to his sorrow, decided to name the new rooster, Mr. Coot.

Mr Tiger was a smart old rooster and he started making plans on how to eliminate his new competitor in the chicken yard. The next morning, just before Mr. Tiger was to make his announcement of a new day with his "Tiger-doodle-do", this new upstart chimes in with several "Cock-a-aoodle-dos". That did it !!!! Mr. Tiger swore ther would be no more fowl mouthed "Cock-a-doodle-dos" in that chicken yard as long as he lived.

Mr. Tiger approached Mr. Coot and announced that there was one too many roosters in this chicken yard and one of us has got to go. And then he offered a proposal. Lets race around this chicken house five times and the winner gets to stay. But, since I am an old bird, I get a one-half chicken house head start. Mr. Coot, licking his chops and thinking there is no way he can lose, said, "It's a deal".

All the hens had gathered around to see who would be the future ladies home companion and off went Mr. Tiger and Mr. Coop in a life and death race. Farmer Brown, just happened to look out the window when finishing his third cup of coffee and saw Mr. Coot chasing Mr. Tiger. A rooster chasing hens is one thing but a rooster chasing another rooster does raise some questions. Farmer Brown retrieved his double-barrell shotgun and headed for the chicken yard. From around the chicken house came Mr. Coot chasing Mr. Tiger. Farmer Brown raised his shotgun and BANG, feathers flew and Mr. Coot lay mortally wounded. Mr. Tiger made his last trp around the chicken house, flew to the top of the fence and let out the most beautiful "Tiger-doodle-dos" ever heard on the Brown Farm.

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Re: Mr. Tiger and Mr. Coot

Posted: Jan 30, 2019 4:16 PM

I don't get to read tigernet like I used to Mr Joe but found a few minutes of spare time and clicked on the tnet for a second- saw yr post and wanna say you have made my day. Happy to give you the first TU.

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Joe, saying it now while you can Crow..

Posted: Jan 30, 2019 4:26 PM

you're gonna be extremely missed Sir when you go to TiGER Heaven but until then please keep the super & highly unique stories coming as long as the fingers & mind can function razor sharp!

Saying..Salute to an ole Clemson Military Cadet who’s earned his promotion to 5* General.


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To All CLEMSON TiGERS..Sending you Bright Light from the Carolina Coast and hoping you get to witness a huge Orange sunset tonight. Go Tigers!

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