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John Cooper

Posted: Nov 25, 2012 10:55 AM

Most of us on here are old enough to remember when he coached Ohio St.He won a ton of games,recruited very well,was a good man and a good coach,and at most schools would have been able to coach as long he wanted.But...he could not beat Michigan and the fans,A.D., alumni or someone had enough of it and he was let go.If this persists I wonder how long before our fan base (even the pumpers turn on Dabo)Especially with a new A.D. coming in and knowing that none of our coaches are his hires.I like Dabo.I think he is a good man,a good recruiter,and at times a good coach.10-2 is a lot better than 6-7 but 0-2 against the only two good teams on our schedule is dissapointing(FSU) and downright unacceptable(usuc)..4 straight is rediculous,and for him to say it doesnt ruin our season is a bit short sided or disingenuous coach speak.He played at bama..ask their fans and B.O.T. where a coach would be if he lost 4 straight to auburn.The effort from the players was there for the most part last night.I think our coaches coached scared though(on both sides of the ball)the turning point came when we ran the ball on third and nine when we were up 7 and driving.I wonder if that was all Morris or Dabo calling for it.either way it was indicative of the tightness in play calling.On defense we layed back in coverage and let their backup qb make plays with his legs or dump it out in the flats,on third and forever we blitz...go figure.It looked like venables and morris were out thinking themselves all night and the team wilted under the pressure after it lost momentum.Sammy and Nuk both dropped passes,Tajh threw high when there was no pressure there and stood there and took sacks when there was.The offense got that deer in headlights look to them as the game wore on.I think the team as a whole was tight and pressing and playing against the last three years.Just my opinion.And speaking of S&C..is that position for all of our athletic teams or just football?what I am getting at is does the head coach have the authority to make a change like he would with a coordinator or would it have be a decision made by the A.D.?We basically recruit the same players as they do yet they have consistently been more physical than us.Could it be something fishy in the sec? it would not surprise me.Or could it be we need a change in S&C?im not an insider i dont know.I just know what I see.Something has to nchange and it needs to start soon,otherwise...it could be a long bleak future...at this point I dont even want to watch another game this year i cant help it just post usuc depression I guess.I have never had to deal with this ever in my lifetime and neither have most of you.As fans and or alumni many of us invest so much in this team be it financial,emotional,or time spent and im sure many are just as disgusted as I am and feel at their wits end.Time to back off the cliff and get to reality..Christmas is coming,i have a great family and great friends,and summer at folly beach will be here soon enough..forgive the length and the rambling fellow tigers..its either do this or punch a coot in the face lol..GOD BLESS TIGER NATION...WE WILL RISE AGAIN

Same thing happened with Lloyd Carr. Couldn't beat Tressel,

Posted: Nov 25, 2012 10:57 AM

so despite having a .780 winning percentage, they let him go.

The problem goes deeper than Dabo

Posted: Nov 25, 2012 11:00 AM

I was never for Dabo's hire, but I do like the man. That being said, Dabo, Chad and the others can not develop players. They recruit great talent but basiclly do nothing to develop them. Also, being in the SEC gives the Gameocks a huge recruiting atvantage over us when it comes to big physical players. We simple can not get them. Clemson will continue to lose to Carolina year in and year out so long as they out recruit us in this manor. John Cooper was in the same confrence as Michigan, so that wasn't the problem.

I like Dabo as well...

Posted: Nov 25, 2012 11:04 AM

he shouldn't have ever been offer the job though. Great guy, not nearly enough experience on how to handle things on and off the field.


"Excuse me? I don't go down to your work and tell you how to flip the burger!"

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