Topic: It's funny to me how Clemson fans act
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Replies: 13  

It's funny to me how Clemson fans act

Posted: Oct 21, 2013 8:57 PM

like we have some kind of elite football tradition. We have finished in the Top 10 only 5 times in the last 50 years. 5 TIMES!!!

Alabama has 29. FSU has 15. Ohio State has 24.

Some people need to get a freaking grip. Clemson is in a position that it has rarely ever been in. These have potential to be the greatest years in the history of Clemson football. Of course nobody will be happy until we can win the big one, but #### some of you need to get a clue.

We have a great football tradition, but stop acting like Dabo has us "back" like being in the Top 10 is some kind of norm for Clemson football. It doesn't and hasn't happened often for us. Enjoy it.

Re: It's funny to me how Clemson fans act

Posted: Oct 21, 2013 9:18 PM

Let me preface this by saying I love the tigers.
That said I agree with you. If we have such a great tradition why on earth did the last three coaches we hired as head coach have a combined four years of head coaching experience? Tommy West 2 years, Tommy Bowden 2 years, and Coach Swinney zero.
Can you imagine Alabama or Ohio State hiring a coach with such little experience?
Must also say, I was astonished when the administration offered Coach Swinney the HC job, now I am most pleased. Very good coach, better person.
Go Tigers!!!!!


Re: It's funny to me how Clemson fans act

Posted: Oct 21, 2013 10:08 PM

Ditto. These are the best years since the Ford days. We've had more success in the last four years than in a long time. Only one or two teams go undefeated each year. Our program is in great shape. Saturday was ugly but we are good! Saturday starts a new steel to 12-1!

You must also be an Alabama fan

Posted: Oct 21, 2013 10:22 PM

ignoring Dubose and Shula.

Because the administration doesn't value athletics in genera

Posted: Oct 21, 2013 11:59 PM

and football in particular like the fans & alumni. Barker, nor Lennon, understand how athletic success ties into academic success and how it fosters a sense of family and community for the school, fans, & alumni.

Wait...it's not the 80s? But, I'm living in my sister's...

Posted: Oct 21, 2013 9:41 PM


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lol... I wasnt a Clemosn fan until 1991..

Posted: Oct 21, 2013 9:59 PM

so i don't know wth you are talking about...

I only expect what I am promised....or, well, told will come

Posted: Oct 21, 2013 10:48 PM

Whether or not we are or ever will be elite isn't the point for me. I was "all in" on the swagger from Dabo and team (like Sammy's ESPN Bald Man interview before UGA) about turning the corner. We may finally have the corner in site, but nobody's rounded it yet...

For me it has nothing to do with a 6-1 record and everything to do with sitting on the edge of the couch watching the BC game wondering just what the heck was going on. And then the following week watching in horror a game that brought back memories of WVU game. That is NO turn of the corner. TAMU's loss to Ole Miss was ten times more honorable than our loss to FSU. Ditto UGA's loss to Vandy, as odd as that sounds. They fought. We...well, I'll say no more. It's a problem from top to bottom that can be fixed, and we have been told the symptoms, at least, are recognized. So? When will you fix it? When you do, you've turned the corner. And maybe, just maybe, we can move towards an "elite" season at the very least.

I definitely would not prefer to lose to Vandy or Ole Miss..

Posted: Oct 21, 2013 11:42 PM

at least FSU has a football tradition.. those two teams listed above are relative jokes in the football world.

Not me. A blowout with most of your best players in the

Posted: Oct 21, 2013 11:50 PM

game says a lot more than a loss to Vandy without many of your key players, or a loss to Auburn with most everybody in - by the way, my mistake for saying it was Ole Miss. They beat LSU of all teams.

So... "know your place" is your argument? How do you call

Posted: Oct 21, 2013 10:59 PM

yourself a fan?

I love Clemson. I think Clemson is absolutely the best college in the ACC, hands down. #### I think Clemson is the best place in the country. There's absolutely no reason we can't get the best recruits and dominate the ACC. NO #### REASON, other than coaching. That's it.

You talk about people not being happy until we win the big game.... it's not about that. Games are hyped by media people for ratings. Rankings are subjective BS until the end of the year, and even then, they're still not that great.

What we can't seem to do here under the Tommy Bowden mentality (of which we still suffer) is go out there and execute on offense when we face a top tier defense. We can't go out there on defense and shut down a talented offense (with a freshman QB this time.)

We play with heart, we fight hard, but we have fundamental flaws that just crack under the pressure of facing great competition. There's no excuse for that.

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I was with you 100% till the last sentence. We do NOT have

Posted: Oct 22, 2013 12:07 AM

heart. If we did, we wouldn't lose multiple games (3x in the last 3 seasons) where a turnover to start the game lead to the team quitting, rolling over, and getting blown out.

I love my tigers but this is one of the most conceited boards

Posted: Oct 22, 2013 12:00 AM

No humility amongst fans. No respect either. Love you all nevertheless.

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Its full of kool aid drinkers that value, worship, coaches

Posted: Oct 22, 2013 12:08 AM

above the school and team.

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