Topic: My Daughter's co-worker has a pair and ain't skeerrt!
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Replies: 9  

My Daughter's co-worker has a pair and ain't skeerrt!

emoji_events [8]
Posted: Dec 14, 2018 12:45 PM

My daughter is the Administrative secretary to the dean of nursing at Cootville, I know, but she is a really sweet girl, but her co-worker is a TIGER fan, so last week they put up the office Christmas Tree, and before decorating it most went to lunch except the co-worker, so she trimmed the tree in all Clemson ornaments and continued to work. Well all #### broke loose when the dean got back saying you can pull for who you choose but you work here and the tree will not have orange on it especially when we have donors coming in visiting. I laughed my as s off at the supper table when she was talking about it. I told her I like her co-workers style! Point for her!


emoji_events [5]
Posted: Dec 14, 2018 12:47 PM

of her "pair"?

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You are incorrigible....??***

Posted: Dec 14, 2018 12:50 PM

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Crazy..i TU’ed you up Truth but point wouldn't credit to your acct..

Posted: Dec 14, 2018 12:50 PM

so must be that I’d TU’ed you twice in earlier post and that’s all you can earn in a day! Geez...

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That's odd, I went ahead and gave him a TD to make sure

Posted: Dec 14, 2018 12:53 PM

the system was working and it seems to have gone through.

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Sounds heavy***

Posted: Dec 14, 2018 12:53 PM

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I assume the tree is no longer a ChristMASTER tree

Posted: Dec 14, 2018 2:04 PM

Christmissedout tree.

Re: My Daughter's co-worker has a pair and ain't skeerrt!

Posted: Dec 15, 2018 6:36 AM

So now we can assume it's all festooned in the various garnet-colored fragments that symbolize mediocrity and failure ?
Doesn't seem very Christmasy to me .

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I thought they didn't celebrate Xmas. Don't they celebrate festivus?

Posted: Dec 15, 2018 9:12 AM

I was positive they just had a pole and sat around airing their grievances.

Easy mistake to make, since plenty of U5uCk grads

Posted: Dec 15, 2018 9:38 AM

have spent time on the pole.

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Replies: 9  


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