Topic: TNET: New student ticketing plan 'Uniquely Clemson', designed to fix Hill attendance issues
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Replies: 15  

TNET: New student ticketing plan 'Uniquely Clemson', designed to fix Hill attendance issues

Posted: Jul 5, 2018 11:54 AM

New student ticketing plan 'Uniquely Clemson', designed to fix Hill attendance issues

Clemson Undergraduate Student Government sent out a new ticketing plan for students on Thursday, which will offer a season ticket package. Student government and the Athletic Department hope the new plan will get tickets in the hands of students who want to go to games and alleviate issues with seating on Clemson’s iconic hill. Full Story »

I am very glad that Clemson continues with free tickets

Posted: Jul 5, 2018 12:51 PM

I realize that the tickets are not completely free but am very glad that students are still a priority for football games. Back when I was at Clemson (back in the dark ages of Frank Howard) student tickets started at the 50 yard line (section E or F) and went from there through Section A. Each student could get a ticket and for most games could buy a "date" ticket beside their ticket. If you wanted to at registration you could purchase a season date ticket. The cost of a date ticket was $3.00 and the season date ticket was $3.00 per game. This was half price as regular tickets were $6.00 (I put the .00 in there to be sure you understand the price of the tickets).

For some games such as the USC game individual date tickets were not available but if you had a season date ticket you would get one. Frank Howard always looked out for the students and for the 1967 Alabama game the demand for student tickets exceeded the allotment of the half of the South stands so they set up folding chairs along the sideline and gave some freshmen students general admission tickets stamped student and let them sit in those chairs along the sideline.

The price of tickets and demands on revenue has increased so that in almost every college football program the student ticket situation has become a necessary evil. Thankfully Clemson seems to still realize that without students the football program would not exist. Under Dabo Clemson has returned to the top of the college football world and from everything I can tell is still doing things the correct way. Every year I hear complaint after complaint about how many tickets everyone gets or what parking space they get (an even bigger complaint) It seems that everyone thinks that since they joined IPTAY and paid the ridiculous amount to join that they are supposed to be given extra special treatment.

I realize that it takes a lot (multiply lot by even more) money to run the athletic programs but to me the students are still the most important part of the program and students should also realize that and support the teams. A no-show rate of 25% from student who picked up a ticket is a disgrace and if it continues then the program is turning into something no longer part of the school and needs to be abolished. If the students don't want it then it shouldn't exist or move down to Division III.

Just a rant from an Old Tiger that remembers the Old Days whether they were good or bad.


Re: TNET: New student ticketing plan 'Uniquely Clemson', designed to fix Hill attendance issues

Posted: Jul 5, 2018 1:07 PM

BIG thing here that wasn't mentioned in the other release about this: there will be a two strike penalty system if you don't show up. That's actually HUGE and makes this policy even better than I already thought it was.

I told you so...

Posted: Jul 5, 2018 2:26 PM


I knew that in the end Drad would eventually get the students to pony up some dough. With him it's always about money. He tried to get students to pay ta first and when they nearly rioted, he screwed up the distribution system so bad they were willing to pay to avoid the alternative...

With that said, I don't know that this isn't a bad compromise hitting all markets of people.

Good for DRad. Students who want a guaranteed/better ticket should be able to pay for the privilege.

Posted: Jul 6, 2018 9:27 AM

Money makes the world go ‘round.

2019 white level member

The student body Doesnt have to pony up anything

Posted: Jul 9, 2018 11:36 AM

They can still wait and get tickets on game day if they want free ones.

Re: TNET: New student ticketing plan 'Uniquely Clemson', designed to fix Hill attendance issues

Posted: Jul 5, 2018 2:50 PM

One potential problem could be the reselling of tickets by students that purchase a season ticket. Obviously a student could easily make a large profit reselling a lower deck ticket. Heaven forbid, this could possibly even result in an opponent’s fan (who may be the highest bidder) sitting in our student section.

Re: TNET: New student ticketing plan 'Uniquely Clemson', designed to fix Hill attendance issues

Posted: Jul 5, 2018 3:17 PM

Still have to show a student ID with your ticket I am told

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Re: TNET: New student ticketing plan 'Uniquely Clemson', designed to fix Hill attendance issues

Posted: Jul 9, 2018 11:10 AM

I doubt that. If it's a purchased ticket, it will look like a ticket sold to the public. They've been doing that for years. I went on Senior day to get my ticket and they gave me a hill ticket that was traded in by a grad student (they have always had to buy their ticket). I ended up reselling it because I was sick that weekend and couldn't go.

Re: TNET: New student ticketing plan 'Uniquely Clemson', designed to fix Hill attendance issues

Posted: Jul 5, 2018 3:46 PM

I graduated in 1978. have seen a lot of games before then and certainly a lot since then.

The students have an option - always have and looks like they always will which is great. We all want the hill filled up and we want a wild and raucous student section since the home field advantage is always huge. But while we are busy criticizing the students about not showing up, lets remember that there are a lot of us as season ticket holders that do not always show up for games - big games or the lesser ones. And many of us go out at halftime and many of us never make it back in the stadium. I say "us" because I am guilty of not coming back in the stadium on occasion after halftime.

But to the comment about an opposing team's fan ending up in the student section - no worse than the FSU or Gamecock crowd that always seems to end up in a reserved space in lot 2 where I park on game day. And the same fans that might be sitting in front of me in the stadium - and I know they were sold the tickets because the previous game occupants went to the trouble of renting the seatbacks for themselves.

There is no one right solution. I continue to be amazed at how I pony up for IPTAY every year when they change the rules. Some people don't and they drop out or buy fewer tickets. We get a choice and now the students have a choice as well. Let's hope they take advantage of the season ticket or they take advantage of the free ticket option.

Say what you wiil

Posted: Jul 5, 2018 3:01 PM

The Hill should be for the general public! A lot game film where they cut to kids and families enjoying their time on that Hill!

Re: Say what you wiil

Posted: Jul 5, 2018 3:40 PM

I respectfully but totally disagree. The hill is part of the total Clemson experience for students. I graduated in 1984 and have fantastic memories of Saturday afternoons on the hill. It’s a part of why we all love Clemson and why so many of us come back home!!!!

I was a part of the transition from camping out to electronic distribution

Posted: Jul 5, 2018 5:02 PM

Waking up one day and opening a web browser to get your free ticket was way too easy. The days of camping out separated those who really wanted to go and those who didn’t. It wasn’t for everyone, but it was still effective.

I think this plan is good. There needs to be a penalty for not using your ticket, especially if it’s a free one. With this plan, nobody can really complain because in theory, every student has an option. It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

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Did they consult Russians for this “unique” plan?

Posted: Jul 5, 2018 8:29 PM

Good gawd almighty what a load of crap. Ticket lotteries exist when demand outstrips supply. So why have a lottery if you already think it some of the tickets will go unclaimed?!

Also, I hate the idea of charging students for tickets. I know some of them can afford it, but I throughly enjoyed being able to go to any sporting event with spending a penny.

They broke something that didn’t need to be fixed of you ask me. If you want a ticket, go get a ticket. Whatever students by don’t claim by Friday goes up for GA. How hard is that?!

Re: Did they consult Russians for this “unique” plan?

Posted: Jul 5, 2018 9:42 PM

They aren't charging students for tickets. They are charging for season tickets, which can be resold easily to make a heft profit. $280 for 7 lower bowl tickets? You can make that back in the NCST+SC games easily. Then you have 5 games you're going to for free in the lower bowl.

When I was in grad school at Clemson from '07-'10 I bought grad student season tickets for ~$200/season. This is no different than how it was a decade ago, the price has even barely gone up and we were a pretty mediocre team back then compared to now. The only difference is now this option is available to undergrads, whereas it was only available for grad students back then.

Hill issue

Posted: Jul 6, 2018 12:11 AM

The biggest factor not being discussed for why the hill has had a poor showing is the increased security measures. No longer can people freely move between lower deck and the hill without getting caught by security. They even added the new fences to block off the hill entirely. As a student, 10 of my friends would get a lower deck ticket and then one friend would be stuck on the hill by himself and before it was easy to walk over but now they debate on even showing up because they can’t be with friends. And to explain why the left side of the hill was completely empty during the running down the hill, security prevented students from crossing over to the other side of Howard’s rock way before kickoff even started. It’s more than just the flawed ticketing. I’m all for a safe environment but some of the security precautions are so unnecessary.

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