Topic: Tomorrow night
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Tomorrow night

Posted: Jan 6, 2019 9:01 PM

Win or lose I will be very proud of our Tigers. It has been a heck of a season, heck of a 4 year run with more to come. What Dabo has built in the Upstate is nothing short of incredible, the commitment and continuity of our staff to building quality young men to send out in to the world representing Clemson.

Who would of thought little ole Clemson would be where we are today? People outside think of us as a football school, pfffttttt, we are a GREAT UNIVERSITY . It was a great University before becoming a football powerhouse, sure we had our moments in the past but nothing like this could I ever have imagined.

Top to bottom Clemson has strived to provide a great education to all students and propel CU upwards in National Rankings of Public Universities. That same attitude has also brought us to the pinnacle of the College Football World. A place we look to reside for a long time.

My son will always cherish his time at Clemson for undergrad , he is happy to have graduated UGA Law School but he will always be a Tiger. The 4 years spent at Clemson will always be special to him, for that I am thankful.

So tomorrow night all I hope for is that our Tigers play well, nobody gets injured and my inside voice gets to scream TOLD YOU SO! Give’em he ll boys !

Could not have said it better. Win or lose,

Posted: Jan 6, 2019 9:17 PM

This is one of the greatest Clemson teams of all time. Worst case scenario and they lose, they will leave that field as the national runner-up #2 team in the country, ACC Champion, Cotton Bowl Champion and 14-1. Of course we'd all like them to win it all, but if not, I still can't say enough for this team and these seniors. The only team they have ever lost to in the playoff is Bama and are 1-2 against them. The only SEC team they would have lost to is Bama, a team that no SEC team beats.

Let's go win the 3rd National Championship tomorrow, but if it doesn't happen, be extremely proud of this team.

When all is said and done tomorrow, Clemson will have played for the National Championship 4 times in our history. WE will either have 3 National Championships and 1 Runner-up, or 2 National Championships and 2 runner-ups

1981 Season National Championship: Clemson 22 Nebraska 15
2015 Season National Championship: Clemson 40 Alabama 45
2016 Season National Championship: Clemson 35 Alabama 31
2018 Season National Championship: Clemson Alabama

Ditto! Win or lose, Clemson has already won!

Posted: Jan 6, 2019 10:13 PM

For Boomer grads like the Wife & I, we see how Dabo has returned our good name that Charlie Pell smeared. Clemson was & still is the best! Urban: Trash, Harbaugh: Ego Saban: best but the past. Dabo: Like D Ford , Alabama history & humble winner.

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