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The Virus end game

Posted: Nov 13, 2020, 12:09 PM

What is everyone's endgame here for deciding to
not be in fear anymore from this pandemic?

There truly are, IMO, only three possible scenarios
1) Herd immunity
2) vaccine
3) viable treatment

For those who think the virus is going to go away,
it will not. It is now and forever will be in our environment
Just like small pox and polio and the measles. Even though
we have vaccines for them, if they aren't used you can still get them.

I am very skeptical that an effective vaccine will ever be achieved
b/c there are really no effective vaccines against any of the other
Corona viruses that have been studied over the last 70 years. Doubtful
we will make one for NOVEL virus like this.

We are slowly inching closer toward Herd immunity, which is really a poor option.
But we are still vulnerable even with masks and social distancing.

A viable treatment plan to me seems the only path to stopping the fear
of this pandemic in the populace. With all the conflicting chatter in the medical community
and the political community...who knows which is the best way to treat someone with the virus.
It seems like politics is driving the medical community rather than the other way around.

I for one and sick of all of this. So what is the new normal of behavior gonna be in USA
The norm we were used to is going to forever be changed, just like the norm changed after
the Great Depression. We will never go back to what was before this virus hit the world.

I'm ready for the economy to be opened back up. And for those of you that say we need to
wait until it's safe. You are just kidding yourselves with that statement. It is here to stay


The end game is the Great Reset.

Posted: Nov 13, 2020, 12:38 PM

The mortality rate doesn't matter. The hospital utilization doesn't matter. The fact PCR tests are not even actually telling us if a person is "infected" doesn't matter. This is about reshaping the world.


For anyone who wonders why the government/media reaction/models far surpass the reality of the virus, look no further. But very few who read this will take this seriously. Most have been immunized (no not literally from a shot) from independent critical thinking.

UBI, a centralized digital currency, permanent reduction in personal freedom, intentional destruction of the financially independent middle class, totalitarian control over people's individual health decisions, including diet, biometric passports based on vaccination/testing compliance, huge increase in censorship and narrative control, and a million other things.

This is not about the virus. It's about a window of time to reshape the world according to a narrow sliver's beliefs/interests.

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Re: The end game is the Great Reset.

Posted: Nov 13, 2020, 1:16 PM

lol...umm yeah ok.

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That One America Network is a great channel....***

Posted: Nov 13, 2020, 1:20 PM

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too bad.

Posted: Nov 13, 2020, 12:52 PM

I've heard there is no immunity. If you get it, you can get it again - and worse the second time - and die.
even healthy young people can get it and die. or have long-term heart damage. or brain damage. or whatever sounds scarier. so whatever you come up with, there will be an answer to tell you that you must remain perpetually terrified and must stay obedient or it will be worse.

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Re: The Virus end game

Posted: Nov 13, 2020, 1:19 PM

I think we just need to live our lives, wear masks, use sanitizer, possibly give free education to more people training to be nurses and doctors, and hope to get a vaccine that works well one day. We have to keep moving forward.

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Re: The Virus end game

Posted: Nov 13, 2020, 1:51 PM

No to the mask.

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Can you tell me what a mask does?

Posted: Nov 13, 2020, 2:28 PM

No? Okay, then I'll tell you. A mask against a virus creates a false sense of security. Practically, it does nothing. Read the studies.

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Re: Can you tell me what a mask does?

Posted: Nov 13, 2020, 2:33 PM

Here you go.



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CDC... now there's a reputable source.

Posted: Nov 13, 2020, 3:36 PM

Take a look at CV19 death totals that the CDC overstated by at least 100% early on. Every death that tested positive was attributed to CV19 regardless of the actual cause of death. Need a better source than that.

And the Mayo study... how many times did they use "may", "can", "could", "might"? Again, there are 7 or 8 studies that tell it like it is-- the impact of masks on the spread of the virus is somewhere between little and none.

Now let's get back to football. Go Tigers!

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Re: CDC... now there's a reputable source.

Posted: Nov 13, 2020, 3:40 PM

To sum it up, you're clueless. You didn't read the CDC link thoroughly. That's cool though. On to football.

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Been asking that question since March.......

Posted: Nov 13, 2020, 1:34 PM

In order of getting rid of the "fear" it's.

#1 Treatment - Knowing if you got it you could take a shot or medicine and somewhat cure it instantly. Now, theoretically this sounds great, but how realistic is that within a reasonable timeframe. ie within a couple months not 2-3 years?

#2 Herd immunity - Probably the most realistic option with regard to continuing the economy & avoiding shutdowns

#3 Vaccine - sounds good on the surface and it is good, BUT you could have a vaccine and half the stadium takes it and the other half doesn't. Still doesn't "get rid of the issue"

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a "BALANCE" of masking/social distancing & opening the economy. Yes, half/partial revenue for business is better than no business, but we all know that's not sustainable.


Yes, yes and yes

Posted: Nov 13, 2020, 1:52 PM

We are close to the vaccine. 90% success rate, that would be great if it was the flu. Right now they can't pick the flu vaccine right.
I am planning on getting the vaccine. Those that don't, well then it's herd immunity.

I think we will have to put up with this crap until the spring. It will take some time on getting the vaccine out to everyone.

The big question is, can the gov make you take the vaccine? Can they hold something over your head to make you take the shot(s).

That is going to be something to watch, especially with the new administration.

Keep wearing your mask. I hate that thing.

Don't shake hands. Doing business is weird without shaking.

Wash your ### hands like yo momma said to. Use sanitizer.

Don't go to large gatherings if you are vulnerable. A local church had a homecoming. Turned into a super spreader event for 200+ people.

It will be ok.


There is no treatment for this available. There is nothing even remotely promising

Posted: Nov 13, 2020, 2:43 PM

In research. Vaccine from Pfizer shown to be 90% effective. But it may melt your tin foil hats and cause all of your first born to have autism. Immunity or not within a year, it will no longer be a NOVEL virus. It will burn it self out just like 1918 flu though granted this isn’t an influenza virus. It will “migrate to the mean” and be a hohum common cold by the time we win the 2022 NC. Your real concern should be how long and then can I be first for the vaccine. Then you should worry about COVID 25 or whatever the year is. The more overpopulated a country like China and India are and the more closely this overpopulation lives along side an overpopulated animal population, then it is very likely the next one is around the corner.

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Re: The Virus end game

Posted: Nov 13, 2020, 4:09 PM

Im not scared of it in the slightest. Its basically the flu with a worse effect on the old and/or weak, and doesn't affect the young as bad as the flu. If y'all are scared and want to save the world so be it, but leave the rest of us alone. I don't expect anyone to take care of me or my family... that's our job.


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