Topic: We are looking at this all wrong...
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We are looking at this all wrong...

Jul 24, 2021, 12:54 PM

Picking up this team, or jumping to that conference isn't going to fix things. The SEC will be who they are. Rather than trying to create another conference to compete, the other conferences need to work together to compete.

Leave the SEC on their own little island, and let the other Power 5 conferences work together to schedule games of national interest, weekly, to compete against the SEC.

TX vs OK will always have national interest, but so will Clemson vs Ohio State. Michigan (if they get their act together) vs USC (the real one). ND vs Oregon.

Tell the SEC and ESPN to have their 9 conference games and 3 out of conference games vs whoever they can find. For every UFL vs LSU...there will be a Vandy vs UofSC.

Compete with games of national interest instead of regional games.

Only answer I can think of.

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Makes sense....

Jul 24, 2021, 1:41 PM

No matter how many schools a conference adds, there are still only 12 games per season. Unless the SEC gets creative and divides into 4 quadrants, the 2 divisions will effectively just be two separate conferences under the SEC banner. Were already seeing that with the 14 team conferences.

ACC, B1G, and PAC 12 should make an agreement on scheduling home and home cross conference games to improve strength of schedule.

Let the Big 12 figure out how to replace UT and OU. Not our problem.

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