Topic: Sit back and relax
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Replies: 3  

Sit back and relax

Jul 28, 2021, 11:19 AM

Clemson is not going to get left behind. What everyone needs to be thankful of is that Swofford is not the one navigating the ship right now. I firmly believe that there are a lot of phone calls (ADs, Coaches, Comissioners, etc.), and legal discussions taking place right now behind the scenes that none of us know about and probably will never know about. As someone said the other day, the hardest part is the waiting now, but I like the new leadership and feel like great things are coming. Honestly, I would be more worried if something came out on the heels of the SEC announcement because reactionary decisions are often not good. The Clemson brand is better now than it has ever been and Clemson is in a very good place to control any future realignment, be it with the ACC, SEC or wherever. It is a desirable brand and someone will find a way to give it its worth. The ACC now has to protect it or lose it. Dig your heels in and enjoy the ride, Phillips appears too astute to screw this one up. And if I’m not mistaken, he comes from a B1G background, so let that sink in a little bit as all this plays out. Regardless if the ACC falls apart or not, I see a Clemson victory coming in all of this. Dabo and DRad are too calm right now for something good not to be in the works.

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Re: Sit back and relax

Jul 28, 2021, 11:37 AM

While I agree with most of your points, I disagree that Clemson is in a very good place to control any future realignment.

IMHO, Swofford's mismanagement of the conference caused it to be in a fragile state which prompted the GOR until 2036. Because of that, Clemson is almost handcuffed to the conference until then. Unless there is some way to get out of it the agreement, Clemson is basically helpless with regard to controlling any future realignment.

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Re: Sit back and relax

Jul 28, 2021, 11:48 AM

Good point, but I also believe that Clemson and FSU were two of the main drivers with the GOR in an attempt to keep what was happening to the B12 at the time from happening to the ACC. That’s why I say, I feel confident attorneys and ADs are having conversations right now. The other side is that any change would be in the future and not immediate. Anything being decided now will be for 5 or 10+ years down the road. Clemson is the ACC’s revenue cash cow right now in football and I would venture to say overall. There is no doubt their voice has to be heard and considered.

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While initially, we may be in a good situation

Jul 29, 2021, 4:27 PM

the SEC $ deal is much greater than what the ACC put together. The landscape of CFB is moving and if we don't lead, then we are behind. It's going to take some bold moves to keep the ACC together.

I heard someone mention that the ACC should just absorb into the SEC and make a super conference. I like that, but there are teams in the ACC that should go elsewhere because they just don't have the commitment to fb. There are some teams in the SEC that should probably also go.

We shall see.

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Replies: 3  
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